Nigeria Is Waiting - Akinola (@paragon0601) Caleb


While Nigerians continue to wait for the release of the abducted Chibok girls 366 days later, Akinola Caleb just like every other Nigerian is burdened and heart-broken, as He patiently awaits the arrival of the remembered young Nigerians from the thick Sambisa Forest. Peek "Nigeria is waiting" after the cut.


My heart is burdened-
like the Olumo rock
tears roll off my cheeks
like the Ikogosi falls

My sane mind,
still can't conceive sane thoughts, my spilled blood wrote, write and still will write.

To the girls- missing and lost
right on their fatherland

For 365 days, fed with sex
adorned with chants
tortured with what mouths can't say

Our doors are opened
our hands are spread
waiting to receive you
If you'll return, someday.

Our tear glands are almost dried
please come back
to wipe off what is left of our bitter tears

Mama, papa, brothers and sisters
await that eve when you'll come home.

Nigeria is waiting for you, come home!

 AKINOLA CALEB OLUWOLE, an alumni of Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, presently lives in Ibadan, Nigeria. Besides being a Poet, Caleb is also passionate about writing and has been doing this for close to a decade. His works have been published on various platforms across Nigeria and beyond. Contact Akinola Caleb via: [email protected], @paragon0601 on twitter and +2348051275727.

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