As we await the release of the over 100 Chibok school girls who were abducted 135 days ago, here is another beautiful piece of art from a youth Advocate –  Adebote Oluwaseyifunmi entitled “From OUR FORGOTTEN SISTERS”. Check the poem
after the cut..


Though, we've been forced to learn Arabic,
We still can make out a Lil' Mathematics
From our sinking skulls-
4 months, 2 weeks
Sums 135, the moonless nights
We have happily lived away from our kindred


We suck, we dine on mother earth
At eve, we pray to our palms for a re-birth

And as we daily play...

The game of adults
With our once virgined body
For our abducted fathers and brothers to enjoy

We seldom hear...

The long-tailed doves chirp and sing
Songs of hope and sometimes freedom,
As they did cling and ding 134 days ago


The droplets on our checks,
Speaks fire, blood and curses-
"If you can't save us
Please, just show you care"

For soon...

We'll leave this realm
Maybe, the four chambers of our heart-
Will make a prayer or two
"That a rose beautifies your grave!"

Poem written by Adebote Oluwaseyifunmi, a young Nigerian, passionate about youth empowerment and positive changes. He is based in Lagos State, Nigeria. He also has repute in Journalism and Radio Broadcasting in Nigeria.
"All rights reserved, copyright © Adebote 2014"

Conclusively, despite the fact that "the piece of art is beautiful",  the "act" is far from it... The question then is, Will anything Good come from CHIBOK???? 

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