Our Soldiers Have Not Been Useful

The present state of the nation, Nigeria begets so many questions and also begs for numerous answers. Our soldiers have not been useful, sheds more light on whats on the minds of average Nigerian both home and in the diaspora. Read after the cut..

"Our Soldiers Have Not Been Useful,

They are mere cowards"

These vain words, I spat
From my mansion's comfy as I watch the news

My unbridled tongue,
Wouldn't even mention that

"I am less competent
And we're equal Nigerians"

After the news,
Is a night, noised with my snores
My morning yawn is my only cry for 'peace'
When I could march the field, all night
Fighting for peace

On the soft skin of my woman,
I play the keys and hum
"La... La... La... La...-
What a wonderful world"


In deep thoughts, am I lost-
I realize; my wrongs and misjudgements
I discovered; sermons and prayers where not enough.

Not enough, even the chorus of pledge
And the singing of an anthem whose lines, we have half forgotten.

Now the saint in me arise, no-
The patriot that I should be, affirms

'Nigeria, one nation!'

Make parcelled bombs my head rest
Massage me, with coldness of northern guns.

This day, I salute d braveness
Of our soldiers, our heroes
Past, present and those to come

For the love and unity
Of our dear country-
Nigeria, one nation!

(c) Adebote 'Seyifunmi And Akinola Caleb, 2015

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