Pain Of A Nation - Akinola (@paragon0601) Caleb


Nigeria's 2015 general elections is just few days away (March 28th and April l1th 2015), the hope of an average Nigerian is on the high level. Akinola Caleb's "Pain of a nation" addresses the future. Read the poem after the cut..


From my comfort, I rose
With hope in the morning
To see the world;
I returned, disappointed
Before evening was ripe.

I saw and saw,
Till I wished I was blind-
A nation flowing with milk and honey,
A continent's giant with crawling citizens
Thirsty of water, let alone a drop of milk or honey
Which streamed along her borders.

Then, our fathers maintained integrity
And our mothers enjoyed peace.

Now, no den of corruption is fiercer
No pool of blood is thicker.

Tomorrow, a sighs says it all.

Oh great nation!
Bring back your lost glories
And put smiles on our sagging faces
Please, give hope to the generations unborn,
Square your shoulders up,
Restore sanity and regain your integrity!

Nigeria, you remain a great nation!

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