Article: Be The Change - Akinola (@paragon0601) Caleb

As a science student, I was taught physical and chemical change. One reversible and the other irreversible. There is a common word in both which is "CHANGE" which I term as "TRANSFORMATION". Let not a slogan deceive u because what we need is a chemical change not physical. This chemical change has to do with you and I.

The real change we need is right here with us. Our heart, the way we think and our orientation needs transformation. Let not all the blames be on the government as we ought to play our own part as a good citizen. Yes they have failed us several times and we need change urgently. Then if we do, it is a great challenge to us all that we ourselves needs urgent transformation because I still stand on the fact that we are the change Nigeria needs. 

The earlier we allow these transformation, the better for us in building a great Nigeria. Do not be deceived, do not be used but stand on what you believe in.

One love, one nation.
Image: Mahatma Gandhi, (My modernMet) 

AKINOLA CALEB OLUWOLE, an alumni of Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, presently lives in Ibadan, Nigeria. Besides being a Poet, Caleb is also passionate about writing and has been doing this for close to a decade. His works have been published on various platforms across Nigeria and beyond. Contact Akinola Caleb via: [email protected], @paragon0601 on twitter and +2348051275727.

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