OUR LOVE STORY! - Akinola (@paragon0601) Caleb

Heart-break experience crooner, Akinola (100% Paragon) Caleb, in His new poem - Our Love Story! , shows how versatile a poet He his. With a rendition of His inner mind, He tells His love story. Peep the poem after the cut....


She was a beauty,
She still is-
A goddess!

Always wearing a smile
That travels thousand mile

My shyness was unique
My calmness too was
What else was I? Just myself!

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Our conversation started
With a smile
Like the Indians
Then, I manage to say
"My two can divide your four"
And that was all our arithmetics

Amidst smiles of different shades, she pleaded-
"Let not our love be an history...
Let us remain ignorant to government
And the laws that defines divorce"

The look on my frozen eye
Was like I was saying-

"Princess I have done my economics...
And the profit is much
So much, that I'll count not the cost
I'll be deaf to alarm haters are ringing"

©Akinola Caleb
February, 2015

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