VOTE WISELY, THAT'S THE ONLY WAY OUT - Adekunle (@auxanojyde)Olajide

There has been reactions over the election postponement, but the question is, where do we go from here? should we still continue to shift blames and dwel on the past or start thinking of how to move on? I must confess, the Nigeria drama is very interesting especially when you're watching from the comfort of your home and without you been in the center stage and feeling the heat.

But we all must have one thing in mind, that if we as a nation don't play our part and do the needful, sooner or later the heat will get to us, and by then it may be too late to react or do any tangible thing to stop it.

The polity is heating up, there is desperation from those who will do anything to achieve there selfish goal(s), this is the time and why the youths should wake up to their responsibilities, they must be the instrument of change they want to see and not allow themselves to be used by the so called politicians whose interest is just to have a share of the national cake.

They do not really care about us, they've been telling us the same old stories since 1960, nothing has changed. The manifestos are sounding the same, the tactics are similar, the strategies are shady and questionable, so this time let us be more than convinced before we vote because 2015 is a very crucial year for us and we cannot afford to get things wrong again. I don't belong to the broom or the umbrella but i stand for one Nigeria and i strongly believe togetherness is the only thing that can take us to the promise land!
God bless Nigeria!!!!

Adekunle "Auxano" Olajide

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