LOVE: Heart-Break Experience By Akinola Caleb


From the author of  ON THE PLAY-GROUND, comes this compelling poem titled " LOVE: Heart-Break Experience" .... check it after the cut.....

Hmmm, epitome of beauty
Sent from above
Smiles so bright
Love at first sight

With her touch, my body shivers
Collision between my body cells,
I feel vibration of my viens
True love, True love?

Voice as that of an angel
Sings sweetly as the birds
Morning, afternoon and night
Her voice-all my eardrum longs for 

Love at its peak
Long deal contract
Two young lovers
Smiling to each other
Love that has no end    

 Its been TITANICALLY all the way
Gradually its fading away
Everything seems to be mutable
Could this be love?     

Exultant at every minute call
Now it's a whine of my calls
Singing songs of freedom
At every ring on her phone      

No more touch,
No more kiss
Left alone in the cold
Shivering like a motherless bird  

 What happened to that love strong cord?
Now weak and lost it's strenght
Weeping all day
Experiencing what I term as HEART-BREAK

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