Here is another poem from Akinola Caleb ( Oluwa Paragon) entitled "ON THE PLAY-GROUND" - Enjoy.


There on the playground,
See children running-
Round and round
Laughing, Giggling
Amidst endless echoes of happy noise
It’s all about; a round leather,
A long rope, a rusty swing
To jingle over like a motor

It’s all about;
Young cheerful folks,
The nature, fun, vibes, energy
And memories of our past

Poem composed by Akinola Caleb O. A young Nigerian who has devoted His time to writing. He has so much passion in writing poems and He is also a rhyme master.

Email address: [email protected]
Twitter handle: @paragon0601
Facebook: Oluwa Paragon

"All rights reserved, copyright © Akinola 2014"

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