I Wonder - 'Seyi (@adebotes) Adebote

Poet, O.A.P and youth advocate 'Seyi Adebote, few hours ago released one of His latest poems entitled - I Wonder. 'I wonder' talks on the state of the nation - Nigeria. Read the poem after the cut.

Sometimes, I wonder-

Do you as a decent lady, see any virtue

In 'big boys' with sagging trousers

And flied collars, chewing gums-

Suspiciously rambling round the street?

Sometimes, I wonder-

Hey young man! What worth do you place

On painted face,

And uncovered breasts

Loitering the street, while others retire for rest?

Sometimes, I wonder-

If followers pick any moral

From those who lead them

Or maybe, like my neighbor, Agnes, they conclude

“My boss is just a victor of circumstances”

And me a victim of nemesis 

Sometimes, I wonder-

If after 4, 5, 6 years or maybe 8

That suit and tie graduate

Still knows why he wanders the street

With ‘my clear bag’ in his armpit

Can he convince you that his-

strong 2.1 or 1st first class degree

From a ‘prestigious' institution of higher learning

Earned him

Something other than a laminated shit

of paper

Oh! He knows too late that

Life’s real practical is way different from mixing expired

Solutions, in half emptied laboratories

Yes! Life’s real practical

Is way different from gulping liters of caffeine and coffee

In scanty libraries flipping soiled pages

Trying to figure out what someone wrote in the 18th century,

About 'how-to'

How to buy your dream cars

How to find true love

How to make it in life

How to spend your money

But, I'm sorry!

The summary is-

They end up teaching you

How-to... Get confused!

Sometimes, I wonder

If teachers really know anything

Apart from what they flog the young ones for

And shout

“That child is just a dullard”

Sometimes, I wonder

If the statement- “Nigeria go better”

Makes any sense

To the unpaid pensioner

Whose hospital result says “Acute asthma and muscular dystrophy"

Yes, I wonder

If the statement-

“Youths are the leaders of tomorrow”

makes any sense to the frustrated youths in the ghetto

To you, maybe, but for me NO! Hell NO!


Sometimes, I wonder

How do religious leaders mount the pulpit to quote-

I Timothy chapter 6, verse 6

Godliness with contentment is great gain

When they have lost count of the fleets of cars

Stucked up like tubers of yam in their garage?

Don’t you wonder also, how they preach

“Holiness without which no man shall see the lord”

Just after inviting only the choir mistress home for bla.. bla.. bla.. bla..

Need I say more?

The elders marvel me too

So, I wonder

Why explain just few thoughts

In endless exchanges of lying book and open letters?

Before we rise to share the grace

Here is my coup de’ grace

Sometimes, I sadly wonder

Why an old man who needs a walking stick

Goes around with a broom

Shouting- My fifu, vote for change! Vote for change!

I sadly wonder too

Why a frustrated once shoeless man

Living within rocks smiles about begging

For just your right thumb print, at all cost

When all he deserves his your middle finger

You see- if he really deserved a second coming

We all will await him like Christ’s second coming.

Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter,

3 words could change our world

Let it be your waking thought, your sleeping thought

Your working thought, your eating thought

Oh! you don't know

'What these 3 words are…'

Eerm, me too, I don't

But I suggest

3 words, 15 alphabets and a lifetime commitment

God Bless Nigeria!

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