Oh, that I may tell the tales
Of that dreaded city
For I will rather hear or read
Than live in the midst
Of her unending woes

From my peaceful farm
I behold, the confused activities
Of stranded creatures
Estranged Men-
Yes, you and you and you...

Like fools, they will struggle hard
For vanity as they wait patiently
Till the day,
A day of rest
When death comes smiling

What truth is in it?
That the money abounds In a perverse Sodom?
Where the flashy adornment
And glittering autos
Doesn't make life 'easy'

But I'm a success!!!
Again I affirm
I'm a farmer and a success-
On the soil of my fatherland

Now, The sun scourges
So I'll leave you-
And that innocent neighbour of yours

Don't be bothered with my thoughts
Just provoke your mind
And ensure sanity of your conscience
Where ever, When ever!!!

Poem written by Adebote Oluwaseyifunmi, a young Nigerian, passionate about youth empowerment and positive changes. He is based in Lagos State, Nigeria. He also has repute in Journalism and Radio Broadcasting in Nigeria.

Phone Number: 08130979064.
 E-mail address: [email protected]
Twitter handle: @adebotes

"All rights reserved, copyright © Adebote 2014"

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