Ogun Govt, Parents, Responsible For Poor Performance in WAEC - NUT, Teachers Declare


The chairman of the Ogun state wing of the Nigerian Union of Teachers, Abiodun Akinola and some Secondary School teachers in Ogun State have alleged that the government and parents are responsible for students’ poor academic performance in the West Africa Examination Council.

Ogun Govt, Parents, Responsible For Poor Performance in WAEC - NUT, Teachers Declare
Governor Dapo Abiodun of Ogun State

The union Chairman in an interview with PLATFORM TIMES upheld that all the stakeholders in the teaching- learning processes are responsible for the poor performance of students in the state.

He said the government, the parents, the teachers and the students are all responsible.

He said, “it goes downward. From the government to the parents to the teachers and to the students.

“Where the government is faulty is that the amenities that are expected for the teachers to make use of in the school for easy and adequate learning situations are not put in place. Which is the responsibility of the government.

“Shortage of teachers in the school is part of the fault of the government.

“Nonchalant attitude of the parents towards their children has been responsible for the failure of students in WAEC.


“On the part of the teachers, because of the problems from the government, they have nothing to teach the student with.

“They teach with scanty method because things that are required to facilitate good teaching-learning process are not in place. So, it will make it difficult for teachers to be able to bring down the lesson as expected.

“On the part of the children, we are all living witness to that. Their attitude towards learning is nothing to write home about.

“So, everybody is responsible for students’ poor performance in WAEC.”

In the same vein, teachers across the state maintained that the government’s inability to provide a conducive learning environment has marred the teaching-learning process.

They said that most schools across the state are not infrastructurally developed to suit the population of the students in the schools.

The teachers also lamented on overpopulation in the classroom as a result of inadequate infrastructures, adding that it has greatly affected learners’ concentration.

A teacher, Mr. Olusegun Dare who spoke with PLATFORM TIMES exclusively, said the stable and conducive environment needed by learners is absent in government secondary schools.

Olusegun emphasized that, that has demoralised and discouraged students from learning.

He said, “students can’t learn in chaos. They need a stable and conducive environment. And the government has failed to provide this.

“So, the government is responsible for the students’ failure. Many schools have either dilapidated buildings that the government has refused to renovate or they do not have enough in the first place.


“For instance, I know of a school with a collapsed building. The government has been informed but nothing has been done for months. And the students who were occupying the collapsed building have been merged with another class with over 100 students occupying it.

“Now tell me, what sort of learning will take place in such an environment with the time ticking?

“And learning they say occurs when there is change in behavior. The change in behaviour is tested through examination. At the end they fail, what do you expect other than failure.

Giving insight on how the parents have contributed to the poor performance of the children, another teacher, Mr. Adegboola said parents do not give priority to their children’s education.

He explained that most parents focus more on fortune accumulation and neglect their children.

He added that parents find it difficult to attend Parent Teachers Meetings and Open Day which is held just once in a term to verify and get updates on their children’s behaviour and performance.

“Parents are responsible for mass failure in WAEC because they are now careless about their children.

“They believe everything relating to education has to do with teachers and teachers alone.


“They do not attend PTA meetings and some will even send their older child to represent them.

“They do not come for the open day which is an avenue for parents to check their children’s performance and lay complaints where necessary for amendment. No, you won’t see them.

“All you here is my mother said she cannot make as today is one market or the other. My father has gone for this and that.

“Parents should privatize their children’s education and they will be marvelled by the outcome.” Said Agboola

Speaking further, students are also responsible, saying they are the authors of their lives.

“They are also not serious. Because they do have proper monitoring from home shouldn’t kill their zeal to study and excel.

“The students are carried away by love of money and life goodies. So, instead of focusing on their education, they will rather go into yahoo yahoo.” He added

The duo, however, enjoined the government to ensure they provide the basic amenities needed in government schools for teaching-learning to run smoothly, adding that that would improve the students performance in internal and external examinations like WAEC.

They also pleaded with parents across the state to work hand in hand with teachers to build the kind of future leaders they will be proud of.

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