Globacom Partner Israeli Network to Launch 5G in Nigeria


The self acclaimed grandmaster of Data, Globacom Nigeria is set to fully compete and overtake MTN network as it partnered with an Israeli network equipment supplier Ceragon Networks Limited to expand its nationwide broadband coverage across Nigeria.

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 The Israeli Network will be providing Globacom with a customized solution that covers long-haul rural areas, high-capacity metro as well as the access network – enabling it to not only enhance its existing subscribers’ quality of experience but also to expand its reach to grow its market share further.

The project, initiated in Q4 2021, is due to complete deployment through the first half of 2022.

As of December 2021, Globacom still maintained the second largest telecom service in Nigeria with a 28.09% market share, while MTN still retain the giant market share. Although, the financial details of the agreement have not been made public by the two companies.

Commenting on the agreement, Doron Arazi, CEO of Ceragon Networks, revealed that: "Globacom Limited can be confident that its network will be ready for 5G, as Ceragon Networks’ solutions will provide Globacom with a 10-gigabyte-per-second (Gbps) network capacity over the air, with the ability to upgrade to 20 Gbps, if necessary.

“This capacity will strengthen the network of rural areas over long distances, high-capacity metropolitan networks as well as the access network,” he said.

According to Business Insider, the network infrastructure extension aligns with Glo’s strategic expansion plans to build Africa’s biggest and best telecommunications network and provide quality telecom services to its customers.

The Israeli network will provide Glo with a 5G network. The project is set to be complete and deployed through the first half of 2022.

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