How To Resume Failed Or Broken Downloads In Operamini

 Having a failed or broken download is not what any one likes but it’s usually unavoidable especially if you are in a poor network area or whenever your network access or internet connection suddenly drops – the download is bound to stop or fail. No other way around it.

One app I love using most times on my smartphone is the Operamini browser and that is because of its fast speed in opening pages at the click of a button but despite its scalability and speed, there is one thing its users hate most – (and that is) Opera’s inability to resume failed or broken downloads.
 Imagine having a failed download at 99%, or when a large file you’ve been battling to download with your small data suddenly fails. I know that feeling. A frustrating one. ☺☺


But all that is about to change as I will show you how to resume an interrupted, stopped, failed or broken download in Operamini on your (Android, iPhone, Windows) Smartphone, no matter the file size – even if you mistakenly reboots your phone.
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Before I continue, these are the apps needed for this Rescue mission:

  • Installed Operamini browser (the browser where the failed file notification is shown or appears)
  • Installed ES File Explorer or any other File manager (in order to access your file) download
  • Download link (of the file you want to download)
  • Internet access on your Android device
  • And of course, – Concentration and common sense ;) 

How to Continue a Failed, Interrupted, Stopped or Broken Download in Operamini 

Read instructions carefully and follow it line by line to success.

  1.  Ensure you are connected to the internet or your internet connection is not disabled. Try to download on your Operamini (any type of file or size), after it fails, don’t click Retry or even delete the file from the downloads section (because even if you click retry – it may still fail),
  2.  Once it fails, just minimize Operamini,
  3.  Open your File manager and locate your file directory path or folder (usually sdcard/download or the folder you specify for downloading files), 
  4.  In the download folder, find and move the uncompleted file to another folder (in your smartphone, whether Internal storage or SD card – just move the uncompleted file to a safe folder different from where it was downloading before it fails),
  5. After moving the failed file to a safe folder, maximize your Operamini; navigate to ‘Downloads’. Click on the 3 dots beside the failed file notification in Downloads and tap DELETE, There is no cause for alarm. Calm down the Rescue course is in Motion
  6. Go back to your file download site and RESTART your download or just click your file download link, (to restart a fresh download),
  7. When a FRESH download starts, go back to the ‘downloads’ tab option in Operamini and PAUSE the download,
  8. Now – maximize (or return to) your File manager and return the previously failed file back to the download folder it was before you moved it to a safe folder in 4 above,  
  9. While you’re trying to return or paste or move the failed file back to its original download folder, there will be a popup asking if you want to over write the existing file or cancel your action. Press YES to OVERWRITE.
  10. Return to Operamini and resume the PAUSED download – and within seconds, your download continues from where it stopped or failed earlier. 

There you have it. Do you know of another way to resume failed or Broken downloads in Operamini? Kindly share and don’t forget to comment and share this post. Help someone today.

 H/T – Thuso McLaren via Vodacom FBPage 
Featured Picture - Hugestreet/Opera Website


Anonymous said...

Wow.. This is so great and helpful... Can you imagine how many downloads i had to cancel when they fail while downloading on opera... this fix just helped me out ... Kudos to whoever added this fix to this blog

Anonymous said...

Genius absolutely genius. Only a mad man could think of this , you just saved me 2Gigs worth of data thanks.

Anonymous said...

You're super duper awesome for posting this. =❤️❤️❤️😍

Anyanwu Lucky said...

Guy u jst so awesome would have said I love u bt no homo brov...but same I love u, u a genius! U jst saved me 4rm a long tym suffering

Unknown said...

super genius ..this works guys

Unknown said...

U just saved me 2gb tnks bro

Anonymous said...

Everybody is happy with this trick.. Its only me for whom the trick is not working...I searched this prblm on utube nd google several tym nd it gives the only solution which is not working for me I tried several tym but my download still pause on the same

Anonymous said...

It worked.. wow! Thanks alot. I was wondering how i'll lose 2.64Gb download

Keyvan said...

Wow . I did it thanks alot . I almost lost my 2gb dat.. thanks 😍😍❤️

Anonymous said...

It didn't work