Coronavirus: The Best Cryptocurrency Stay at Home Jobs That Requires Knowledge on Bitcoin and Blockchain

As the world continue to battle the pandemic coronavirus that rampages the earth with total confirmed COVID-19 cases reaching 1,796,414 with 110,030 deaths and 412,102 patients recovered, according to worldometers, businesses, companies, brands are on lockdown as health authorities finds cure to the respiratory disease.

Coronavirus: The Best Cryptocurrency Stay at Home Jobs That Requires Knowledge on Bitcoin and Blockchain
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Major companies worldwide have activated stay at home and social distance order as a means of curbing the spread of COVID-19 among workers, staff at their facility as they work virtually.

COVID-19 in Nigeria made judiciary to suspend hearing on court cases and judgement but human right advocate, Femi Falana (SAN) has advised the Nigeria Judiciary to hear applications via video conferencing apps such as Skype, Zoom as the stay at home order continues until further notice.

Businesses ranging from manufacturing and finance to insurance and healthcare to UNICEF, Facebook, has all started using blockchain technology in some form or the other to improve productivity in their operations.

This shows how important it is for millennial to understand the working of Bitcoins and blockchain in order to improve their employee salability.

With blockchain, transaction speeds are improving, operational costs are coming down, and there is no further need for intermediaries to conduct financial transfers. In many businesses, the blockchain is providing a much secure way for storing records.

8 COVID-19 Cryptocurrency Stay at Home Jobs That Requires Knowledge on Bitcoin and Blockchain 

According to certified Cryptocurrency expert, Enstine muki, the following are some cryptocurrency jobs that will require you to work with Bitcoins and blockchains as you stay at home to work due to Coronavirus 'Covid-19.'

1.COVID-19 Stay at Home as a Blockchain Intern

The best way to make your entry into any blockchain technical career is to join a blockchain start-up as an intern. You will find that there are many companies that provide internship and entry-level positions to candidates.

These interns will typically be expected to develop and design blockchain solutions, create software for Linux and blockchain platforms, conceptualize use cases or proof of concepts, etc. These candidates must have some basic technical skills like NodeJS, React, Java, APIs, C++, HTML, CSS< Truffle, Solidity, etc.

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2. Business Development Representative COVID-19 Stay at Home Job

This is a new position being created by cryptocurrencies and you will find such opportunities in a variety of industries like real estate, healthcare, finance, etc. There will always be the demand for professionals to seek out such opportunities and push for product partnerships.

To do this job, you must have an understanding of the business’s cryptocurrency application goal, and outstanding communication skills, and sales experience. A degree in finance, communications, or business may be an added advantage.

3. COVID-19 Stay at Home Job as a Data Scientist:

Since blockchain technology is still in a nascent stage and many people are yet to understand its nuances, data scientists will always be required. These professionals analyze transactional data to enable engineers to streamline experiences.

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Data scientists often have a Master’s degree in either computer science or data science and they should possess good communication and analytical skills.

4. COVID-19 Stay at Home - Blockchain Developer Job

This is perhaps the most-sought after cryptocurrency job today, and all financial and technological organizations, banks, government institutions, and insurance companies need such candidates for developing their blockchain platforms. The developers have to write codes for running programs in the blockchain to improve client experience.

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5. COVID-19 Stay at Home Working as a Blockchain Legal Consultant

With the number of blockchain firms growing, the number of legal service providers regulating blockchains will also be increasing. Attorneys are now getting calls from clients keen to establish ICOs; such clients need legal counsel before launching blockchain projects.

6. COVID-19 Stay at Home Job as a Blockchain Designer

Since many new start-ups are eager to use blockchain technology, there will be the demand for blockchain designers to create websites or pages for informing customers.

These web designers will be entrusted with the task of creating pages that a business’s blockchain space is going to need. You need to have professional designing skills, excellent communication skills to be able to effectively interact with content and marketing teams.

7. COVID-19 Stay at Home Blockchain Engineer Job

Employment prospects for this position are good because a blockchain engineer is needed to create and implement digital solutions on behalf of businesses using blockchains.

These engineers have to find out the company’s technological requirements and create applications accordingly to satisfy business needs. So, they must have knowledge of Python, Java, Ripple, Solidity, Oracle Identity, etc.

8. COVID-19 Stay at Home Consulting on Cryptocurrency

As the industry grows, people are getting more and more confused. There is quite much information out there educating the masses on the subject. But consultants are still in high demand.

The only way to stay alive during this Coronavirus COVID-19 Stay at Home era is to keep social distance while working from home. Endeavor to use this lockdown period to deepen your knowledge on Bitcoin and Blockchain.

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