COVID-19: More Hospitals Demand for More Robots to Cushion Effect of Social Distance

The world is currently faced with the pandemic Coronavirus in Nigeria and the world at large and robots are taking the lead in helping the health industry.

Robots helping Covid-19 situations Source:
More hospitals demand for robots to ease the stress of health workers while solving the war against the deadly Covid-19 as it is faster and more efficient.

WhatsApp has limited message forwarding to one chat in a bid to support health care personnels in cushioning the effect of COVID-19 and Fake News.

AFP reported that one team of robots temporarily cared for patients in a makeshift hospital in Wuhan, the Chinese city where the COVID-19 outbreak began.

According to the report, meals were served, temperatures taken and communications handled by machines, one of them named “Cloud Ginger” by its maker CloudMinds, which has operations in Beijing and California.

“It provided useful information, conversational engagement, entertainment with dancing, and even led patients through stretching exercises,” CloudMinds president Karl Zhao said of the humanoid robot.

“The smart field hospital was completely run by robots.”

A small medical team remotely controlled the field hospital robots. Patients wore wristbands that gathered blood pressure and other vital data.

The smart clinic only handled patients for a few days, but it foreshadowed a future in which robots tend to patients with contagious diseases while health care workers manage from safe distances.

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