Ride-hailing service Taxify launches in Benin

Taxify, Ride-hailing service, which began operations simultaneously in Ibadan and Owerri on 5th Oct, 2018 has launched in Benin.

Ride-hailing service Taxify launches in Benin
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 The app-based ride-hailing service already widely used in 4 other Nigerian cities is now available to residents and visitors in Benin to hail a driver.

The corporate taxi company, became the first top-tier e-hailing service to expand beyond and connect passengers with drivers in Lagos and Abuja, when it launched in Ibadan and Owerri.

According to Uche Okafor, Taxify’s country manager for Nigeria, “After our successful launches in Nigeria’s main centres, expanding to Benin is a natural next step for Taxify,”.

 “Taxify is an affordable alternative for anyone seeking convenient, on-demand transport from point A to B. The service also creates work opportunities for people who hold a professional driving permit, and who haven’t been able to find work.”
Launched during the holiday season and in response to requests from passengers and drivers, Taxify offers an affordable alternative to existing services. 

Using the service will help reduce traffic congestion by providing a way for people to get around the city without using their own vehicle.

How To Use Taxify 

  1. Taxify is easy to use. 
  2. Simply download the secure and free Taxify app from the iOS or Android app stores and set up a user profile, including your payment card details in the secure payment section. 
  3. When you’re ready to be collected, request a driver via the app, and he or she will fetch you in minutes to take you where you need to be.
  4. When the ride is complete, payment is made with cash, or via the credit or debit card details the rider entered into the app. 
  5. Passengers paying by credit or debit card instead of cash will often receive benefits such as discount codes.

How do drivers in Benin join the Taxify platform?

If drivers want to become a Taxify driver, they will need a valid Nigerian drivers license, an Android or iPhone smart phone with GPS, a vehicle 2003 or newer and to undergo an onboarding program.

For more information visit the Taxify website.

About Taxify

Launched in 2013, Taxify connects millions of passengers and drivers around the world to make travel easier, quicker and more reliable. Taxify’s efficient and tech-enabled business model benefits both drivers who pay a smaller commission as well as passengers who end up paying less for their ride.

 Taxify has been hugely successful in every city where it has launched since commencing operations in Nigeria in 2016. Launching in Benin is particularly exciting for Taxify, because everyone in the region can now request affordable, quick, reliable and convenient rides from wherever they are to wherever they want to be.

Taxify started operating in Nigeria in 2016. It’s one of the fastest-growing ride-hailing platforms in Europe and Africa and has more than 15 million users in over 25 countries globally.

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