Virtual, Augmented Reality sales to hit $150b by 2020

A report has projected a major increase in the sale of Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR), to the tune of about $150billion by Year 2020.

Virtual, Augmented Reality sales to hit $150b by 2020

According to duo of Chief Technology Officer, Ettienne Reinecke, and Group Executive, Digital Practice, Scott Gibson, of Dimension Data, proprietors of the report, titled: Digital Business Trends in 2018, there are a range of new technologies that will support digital business.

It however, stressed that for any of them to succeed, companies will need to invest in the correct digital architectures to support their plans.

From the report, Artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) will begin to work together, offering more complementary outcomes for businesses that invest in them as AR, in particular, will move beyond video games and entertainment into the world of business.

Furthermore, there is an expected boom in wireless technologies, and these will help support the expansion of Internet of Things (IoT).  Also, Blockchain will bring real value to organisations that use IoT, by providing a method for firms to securely collect information from thousands of sensors.

On Digital infrastructure, Group Senior Vice President, Data Centre Business Unit, Kevin Leahy, said IT leaders will intensify their efforts to identify and eliminate the inhibitors of speed.

According to him, businesses in every industry are increasingly aware of the threat posed by digital disruption. ‘‘In 2018 we expect to see incumbent companies shoring up their digital infrastructure so they are leaner, more flexible, and better placed to adapt to an unpredictable market.

“We expect that businesses will increasingly focus on speed of deployment over cost. They will realise that the most important benefit of a new technology will simply be getting it to work – rather than focusing on rate of investment (ROI) or total cost of ownership.

“Moreso, Companies that focus on innovation and differentiation will find it easiest to adapt in this market and we expect to see developers using container technology heavily. We also expect to see more firms utilising APIs to add value to their products.

“Another related change will be a shift in focus from technology architectures to service architectures, as firms attempt to standardise the way they use multiple different services. We will also see an evolution of big data, as firms seek to better manage the information they collect.”

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