Cyber security expert, John McAfee’s Twitter account, mobile phone Hacked

Cyber security expert John McAfee has revealed his Twitter account has been hacked.

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The tech pioneer’s account was compromised and used to promote obscure crypto-currencies.

But Mr. McAfee insisted the breach did not reflect badly on his own company’s cyber-security credentials, saying: “I have no control over Twitter’s security.”

Twitter has not commented on the claims but highlighted to the BBC security guidance offering two-stage authentication for its users.

Mr. McAfee also said he believed his mobile phone had been hacked, telling the BBC: “The first indication that I had been hacked was turning on my cell phone.”

When he did so, he saw an error message. “I knew at that point that my phone had been compromised.”

Mr. McAfee added: “All that the hacker did was compromise my Twitter account. It could have been worse.”

The Scotland-born tech expert is most famous for founding an internet security programme in the 1980s, in what was the first large-scale anti-virus software.

After the breach, he tweeted: “Though I am a security expert, I have no control over Twitter’s security. I have haters. I am a target.

“People make fake accounts, fake screenshots, fake claims. I am a target for hackers who lost money and blame me.

“Please, take responsibility for yourselves. Adults only please.”

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