Streaming Of Video Attachments Before Downloading On The Web And Money Transfer Within Android App – 2 New Features From Gmail Just For You

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Google has released two new features to its messaging platform - Gmail. While one has been in existence but on the web, the other is just finding its way into the market.

1. Make Money transfers within Gmail app for andriod

Google wallet before now allows users make money transfers through Gmail on the desktop. Gmail android app now has the ability to do same, finally.  The attachment button in the “compose mail box” has now been configured to function as a money transfer button. All you need do is tap the attach button and attach money the same way you attach your files (photo, video or documents, etc.)

According to Google, there are no fees involved and that it is also “completely free for both of the sender and the recipients”. Recipients do not need a Google email address for this feature to work. Only the Gmail app is needed to complete the entire transaction on both sides. There are also options to have received money directly transferred to a bank account, according to the verge.

The feature is only available to Andriod Users in the U.S at the moment.

2. You can now preview video attachments on Gmail via the web

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Source: 9to5google
Henceforth, any video attachment in gmail will bring up a thumbnail. Just tapping the video play button will allow you stream or preview the video without the need to download. Also, this features disables the use of native app to play files, according to 9to5.

This feature is expected to roll out to all Gmail users within the next 15 days.

Which other features do you expect to see either in Gmail for web, Android or iOs. Use the comment box.

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