be yourself
I made a pact with myself sometimes ago to solely control whatever happens inside me, my actions and reactions. I can't afford to let my life go flapping in the breeze nor can I be dancing to every tune life plays. I can't imagine myself bending to every wind of doctrine being tossed to and fro by psychologies which are seemingly unhealthy. I want to live free of subjection of any kind, walk free of manipulation of any form and being the encyclopedia; others' personalities, dreams and lifestyles doesn't appeal to me either.

Not everything should make me snap or set my soul alight. Not everything should excite me or lower my self-esteem. Not everything should make me lose my head or make me mope over whom or what I may never be. My give should have limitations; my open-mindedness should be restricted from going to certain areas. I alone should rule myself, even the influence of others on me should have boundaries - boundaries which should never be crossed.

Above all, this pact should cut across all aspects of my life, both virtual and offline. Many things tend to add to our anxieties, unease and urge to acquire what others have, to be a copy of their type of personality, to command the same influence and regard as them. Our sights are so set on these things that gradually, we begin to lose ourselves and if we are not careful, we become a duplicated version of our "role models". The observant ones among us are quick to find out that their thoughts are always steered towards that direction. Even if they didn't intend this in the beginning, the end will always toe the lines along that direction.

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Among the observant ones, the "individuality" freaks will swing into immediate action to remedy the situation before any further harm is done. The last group, the obtuse ones will keep sinking into this quagmire and will only realize it when it becomes extremely difficult to recover their sanity and individuality. Nothing in life is worth losing who you really are. Nothing is worth the sacrifice of your sanity and your own thoughts. Nothing is worth the loss of your convictions. We are so many in the world, yet the universe has not had enough of our uniqueness.

Since this is so, live as YOU and no one else. If you join the crowd, you will get lost in the crowd. If you build yourself with the materials you get from others without a thorough study of those materials, you will become a crooked building which will eventually crumble. Don't be intimidated or carried away by the beauty you see in others. From Maria Dorfner comes this sage word, “The beauty you see in others is within you”.

Find YOURSELF, live YOURSELF, be YOURSELF. Make a pact like I did. 

Oyindamola Grace Osinubi is an enthusiastic reader and a prolifically skilled writer who have an unquenchable passion for knowledge. She loves digging deep into history and studying the ways of living things in the universe apart from humans. Tourism flows in her blood and she’s not shy of making new friends.
You can connect with her via [email protected] or 09086385550.

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