Say No to Violence against Women

Violence is no doubt - one of the biggest threats to the peaceful co-existence of the human gender; males and females. It has eaten deep into the structure of the society and glaringly, the consequences have proved to be catastrophic as well as posing setbacks for societal growth. Violence is nothing short of a tender subject.
From time immemorial, research has shown that a larger percentage of the objects of violence are women; both young and old.

It is heartrendingly sad when females suffer at the hands of beasty men. It is now a norm to hear of men beat their wives even to the point of being comatose and extreme cases of death have also been recorded. This act has even gone beyond the family unit. Majority of the female folks anywhere around the world are physically molested. Whoever is the perpetrator of physical violence, whether male relatives or not, should be apprehended and brought to book. Men should be civilized enough to prove their ideals by using their brains not their brawn when they are angered.

Another form of violence females suffer is sexual exploitation. A closer look at this will show you a considerable percentage of the victims of rape and other related crimes are young females; most of whom are not mature - both physically and mentally - to be having sexual intimacy with the opposite sex. Also, verbal abuse should not be overlooked. Issuing threats and badmouthing the female gender are uncalled for. Put your brain and the gift of words you have to other honourable tasks. Why should you destabilize a woman's emotions by the hurtful and threatening statements you utter? This is totally barbaric.

Women everywhere in the world are not at total ease. The fear of being sexually exploited, physically assaulted and emotionally threatened has succeeded not only in ruining their lives but also ruling the hearts. Even if domestic violence doesn't happen to them directly, what about their friends and families - daughters, sisters or their co-worker or even someone in their immediate or external environment? The concept of women being weaker vessels has been totally misunderstood and this has somehow contributed to their undoing and how they are treated in the society by men. In fact, some cultures applaud this as they regard men as gods whose actions can't be questioned.

All forms of violence against women should not only be tackled but measures must be put in place to get it eliminated from the society. Women should not be enslaved, nor forced to do backbreaking works. They should not be turned into objects that gratify sexual pleasures against their wills. All hands on deck to trample on all forms of violence the female community faces. We needn't be pushed before we respond to this clarion call. The aftermaths are devastating for US all to see.

Female victims of violence are not the same anymore after incidence. They become traumatised and this affects all aspects of their lives to the extent that - their output to the growth of the society lowers. Young children who are raised or reared in such societies internalise and view violence as a necessary evil for all women - these future leaders see domestic violence as a fate that cannot be rejected. The male ones among them believe it's part of their destiny to inflict pains on the ‘weaker vessels’ and they will, without doubt, continue the mandate throughout their existence on the surface of the earth. Any religion which approves violence against women is worthy of extinction and the society should stop downplaying the constitutional rights of a woman. Women should not be seen as "lesser humans".

The International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women is an annual event. Let every soul keep sustaining this cry - "Say No to Violence against Women" till it is no more heard of in our lands. Let the arms of our laws be long enough to prosecute the perpetrators of violence against women, be it male or female. Theoretically and practically, our laws should be no respecter of persons – irrespective of Position or affiliations.

To everyone out there – Let’s protect the weaker vessels. To men - the female gender should not be subjected to your inanities. They are humans as you are and are not by any means lesser. To women - refuse to be the whipping post for anyone's whim. Liberate yourselves, seek for help and speak out whenever you are in pains or you face any threat from any angle. Be your sister's keeper, don't become a perpetrator of violence against that ‘feminist’ which you represent. The Creator didn't intend women to be pummeled, rubbished or dastardised.

Our destiny is far greater than that.
Lend your voice and resources to this cause – the elimination of violence against women. It's high time we stood up against all barbaric acts facing the women in our society least we collapse under the crumbling weight of those beastly acts rampaging our environment.

Oyindamola Grace Osinubi is an enthusiastic reader and a prolifically skilled writer who have an unquenchable passion for knowledge. She loves digging deep into history and studying the ways of living things in the universe apart from humans. Tourism flows in her blood and she’s not shy of making new friends.

You can connect with her via [email protected] or 09086385550.

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