A Disapproving Judgment of Yourself Isn't A Strong Foundation To Build On

In retrospect, I pondered the things which made up my past experiences. In the process, something which I couldn't shake off came to mind. I recall clearly some of my thoughts in my formative years (which I'm still in). My thoughts centered on other people's assessment of me.
I was not that happy with my physique, my physical flaws disconcerted me, my complexion betrayed my fairness. I earnestly wished I travelled overseas, that I had all the things I wanted.

 Even spiritually, I wanted to be operating in higher realms and I felt less for not been able to do so. Academically, I longed for an increase in my Intelligence Quotient (IQ). Overall, I made a disapproving judgment of myself. I was in this state until I became conscious of the possible effects of it. If I wasn't cautious, I could lose myself, or even worse, end up being a disappointment to the One whose handiwork I am. These effects, to me, are the greatest mortal sins on earth.

I hadn't gotten drowned in this state, but if I didn't save myself, I might drown never to rise again. I got a solution to this. How? As I moved closer to my Creator, He reshaped my mode of thinking and cut away the diseased philosophies I had. I began to appreciate my physique, after all, I'm made in a fear-inspiring way. I came to realise that you can't speed up the spiritual process, the only choice you have is to walk side by side with the Master.

Also, everyone has a physical flaw, even the lithe specimens on the covers of those slick magazine ads. It's natural and it's beyond us. Purpose matters a lot too. Heaven will never release unto you what is not in line with your destiny. Simply put, if I wasn't destined to be another Einstein, I would never be.
I realized I could never have all I wanted, not even the 'saintest of all' can. Some of those things are bound to be without His purpose for me, and as we all know, His supremacy has never failed to manifest, either you like it or not. Then, wherever you are on earth doesn't count. As long as you are where He has placed you, whether in Foko or Westminster street, you are bound to succeed and your complexion doesn't matter, He made us all in His image.

There are many things we trouble ourselves about, yet they don't make a difference. Chiseled muscles or flat stomach gives no edge, it is God's mercy that does. God isn't interested in the size of your waistline or biceps, what He appreciates is the beauty of the person you are on the inside. He adores your inner man, not your outer man. Besides, you have a purpose and everything you have or become will always be in line with that purpose.

You will never be able to interpret divers kinds of tongues if you're not meant to, nor will you become another Shakespeare if the Creator didn't make you one. Your imperfections are natural; you're a human, not an angel. Your complexion doesn't count, even if the African sun has turned you from yellow to black. It's who you are on the inside that matters, and anyone who discriminates you based on this is not mentally complete.

If you don't know this, know today that God created all places, not Satan and He has put in place all the things we need for survival in each place. Your job is to access them, not to mope over some place you'd like to be. No place is ideal, no knowledge is ideal, no figure is ideal, no complexion is ideal. Don't be conned into thinking that some things are ideal. Nothing is, except God.

Don't let others define who/what you are or who/what you ought to be. Nobody has the ideal mentality of you, everyone knows in part. No one knows it all. Looking at yourself through others' spectacles isn't healthy. It's like looking at yourself in a distorted mirror, no matter how good you are, the image will always be distorted. Seek out your Creator and let Him spark your imaginations with His plans for you. Accept who you are and even flaunt it moderately.

In fact, most people aren't assessing you and the ones that do, are most of the times, prejudiced. Live your life not to the expectations and standards of others. Don't be shaken by trivial matters such as your appearance or location. It's your qualities that allure people, high-quality people. Moreover, for every 10% investment you make in your outer man, make sure nine folds of that goes into the upgrading of your inner man. Doing this will make you more radiant on the outside. Love your flaws and your seemingly "disadvantages", love the things that make you who you are.

A disapproving judgment of yourself isn't healthy, nor are people's assessment of you a strong foundation to build on.

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Oyindamola Grace Osinubi is an enthusiastic reader and a prolifically skilled writer who have an unquenchable passion for knowledge. She loves digging deep into history and studying the ways of living things in the universe apart from humans. Tourism flows in her blood and she’s not shy of making new friends. You can connect with her via [email protected] or 09086385550.

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