My Environment, My Wealth

Bliss Octanoprise International
My Environment, My Wealth is a project under Bliss Octanoprise International (BOI) which aims at empowering youths worldwide. The environment program is targeted at CEOs that are 30 years and below, #under30CEOs. It also has a team of young persons in Portharcourt (8), Abuja (4), Ibadan (5) and Lagos (1).


 To curb the increasingly alarming environmental challenge by raising kids, youths and citizens to learn to be strong influences on the future generation through environmental awareness and cleanup exercises.


To be the nexus between every facet of human interaction through advocating and inculcating good environmental practices.


  1. To inform about hazardous effects of debris on human health
  2. To promote awareness of proper waste management
  3. To educate on various ways of reducing, reusing and recycling waste
  4. To emphasis roles of stakeholders in ensuring environmental safety.

About Bliss Octanoprise International

Bliss Octanoprise International (BOI) is a brand interested in empowering youths worldwide and this is achieved through our current on-air projects which currently airs on, Radio Rivers 99.1FM, Port Harcourt and through our active social media advocacy platforms.

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Listen to our programs,  Prim n Proper - Grooming the African child to being Gent and Lady prim and proper it airs every Friday 8pm-9pm; Join the conversations via or Follow on twitter @pnproper_africa, instagram @pnproper_Africa

My Environment, My Wealth - Raising advocates for the environment airs every Saturday 8am-9am, Connect via , twitter @myemywealth, or instagram @myemywealth.

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The BOI project is for many Media outfits in Nigeria and will move to other Radio and television stations soon while BOI also extends her means of Empowering Youths Worldwide through other facets.
Bliss Octanoprise International
Wonne Afronelly on air

Wonne Afronelly is the CEO of Bliss Octanoprise International.

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