10 Things You Should Never Say On A First Date


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Editors Note: Though you may not agree with some points on this list of Things You Should Never Say On A First Date, but Mark Greene thoughts are worth reading and could do you a handful of goodness on your next date.
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First dates can be daunting; what to wear, where to go, what to say.  What to say on a first date can be the most difficult, it’s hard to know what makes women happy, but there are definitely some first date faux pas to avoid. Here are the top 10 things to avoid saying when you are attempting to woo a woman.

1.    “Your Facebook comment to x…”

Never mention that you’ve stalked their Facebook or social media account, it is a wrong idea on a first date. It makes you seem creepy and sad. Don’t try and learn about the person before the date, that’s what the date is for. If you don’t know something about them, then ask and converse about it.

2.    “I’m not racist but….”

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It should be clear why you shouldn’t be saying this sort of thing, but just to make sure. Even if you don’t mean it to come across as racist, and your heart is in the right place, you will sound at best just a tiny bit bigoted and small minded. It’s best to just stay clear of any sensitive topics on a first date. Let them get to know you before you start talking about those sorts of things.

3.    “I’ve been drunk here so many times”

Or anything like that, you may think that you’re being funny or that you are showing that you’re not boring. This is not the case, if anything; you come across irresponsible and a bit of an arse. Tell stories which show your best qualities not ones which result in stomach pumps or throwing up on cars, it’s not an attractive attribute.

4.    “You fill that jumper out well ;)”

This one should be obvious, but is consistently defended as being a compliment. It’s not. Don’t sexualise a compliment, make personable and observant and you’re more likely to get a second date. If you say something which objectifies a woman on a first date, she will associate you with being a bloke with a one-track mind.  Better Option: compliment her on something non-physical.

5.    “Knock knock”

Never, ever tell jokes. Be funny, yes, humour is a great quality to have and women love it. But don’t force it on them. Telling a joke is a last resort and a sign that you either have nothing interesting to say or that you are desperate for approval. If you want to come across as funny, tell a funny story.

6.    “I am really good at”

Bragging is not okay. It is intertwined within men to try and show off, and part of courting is showing that you are a viable person to be with, but in a similar way to the jokes, don’t force it on them. Showing your qualities will come up naturally in conversation. Don’t feel the need to brag about winning something, if they ask tell them, but don’t bring it up out of the blue.

7.    “I used to come here with my ex”

Talking about the ex is absolutely off limits! It firstly brings up the idea that there is something wrong with you, and secondly it makes you seem like you are not over the previous beau. Even if you are not over them, talking about your ex will only drive others away.

8.    “I’m not leaving a tip”


As well as seeming cheap, it also makes you seem petty. These arenot qualities people look for in a partner. Obviously if the waiter spits on your food or tips coffee on you then you can keep your change, but don’t be cheap.

9.    “I’ve always wanted 3 kids”

While there are some women out there who will love that you are brooding and want to be a father many will not. Talking about the far off futur is a risk, as a lot of people will think that you are jumping the gun on the first date. Let’s be honest, it’s a little heavy when you first meet someone to talk about something which is any more than a week or two away.

10.    “She’ll have the oysters”

Ordering for your date may have been ok in the 50s, but these days not only is it impolite to assume you know what she wants and arrogant to take the choice out of her hands, but it also opens you up to all kinds of feminist (and rightly so) objections. A date in which there is no equality will end quickly.

Mark Greene is a lifestyle entrepreneur at Men’s Axis who is a workout in one of the most exciting cities in the world, Chicago, IL. Mark sees modern fashion trends emerging on a daily basis and creates content to make his readers stand apart from the hoy-polloi of men’s style.

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