7 Things An Average-looking Guy Can Do To Increase His 'Market Value'


As you can tell, this is a reply to emusmith's thread. Apologies in advance, it won't look sexy.

1. MAKE MONEY: Yes, money makes the world go round and turns a frown to a smile. So if you want women, make money and you'll have them- the downside is, they only care about the money.

2. BE INTELLIGENT: Where you have no money, intelligence always works. They come to you to help them in assignments, tutor them and all that. This is a much better way to get a girl to actually like you than point 1.

3. BE FUNNY: Yes, ladies love funny guys. Ask Bovi and Elenu grin. This is a major way guys get women, ladies easily get smitten by the guy with the sense of humour. Even in school, the funny guy is more often than not, the ladies man

4. HAVE A NICE DRESS SENSE: Ladies love a well-dressed, clean cut brutha. Get the nice watch, the classy outfits and the d-ope shoes and watch the ladies fall. Don't overdo it though, nobody dates a nigga who looks like a P.I.M.P

5. ELOQUENCE: Sounding like Idris Elba or Yul Edochie will really increase your market value. And yes, that baritone will be an added bonus. Onitsha boys baritone will NOT work

6. WORK OUT: Some ladies may need surgery to enhance certain body parts, but the dumb bells and tread-mills are far cheaper. Get to gyming guys, a man who looks strong always gets the attention of ladies.

7. IF ALL ELSE FAILS.... ROLL WITH THE HOT GUYS: Then girls have to go through you, the 'easy' guy, to get to your hot friends and someone might just pick interest and date you.

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