[Photo] Meet Aliko Dangote's Daughter, Halima

She is tall and pretty. And her name is Halima she is the eldest daughter of Billionaire businesssman, Alhaji Aliko Dangote. Talk of one daughter of a rich man in Nigeria who is serious minded and Halima’s name will pop up. She is brilliant. And she is good in business.

Just like her dad, she has a head for business. She is involved in the running of Dangote Group from her fathers office, though not in an executive capacity, but from time to time she makes quality imputs. She attends the company’s event and she has stepped out with her dad a few times. Halima, works directly with the President of the famous Dangote Group of Companies, where she has busied herself formulating strategies and coordinating multiple tasks in what is arguably Nigeria’s biggest conglomerate.

Source: CityPeople

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