Activating Citizenship Rights, Responsibilities a Panacea for Sick Democratic Governance In Nigeria


"Of all the institution of democratic society, there is none as formidable as an awakened and conscious citizenry".
-Shehu Sani

The bad democratic governance that we had experience and leads to the suffering of many Nigeria citizens can be traced to lack of citizens consciousness of their citizenship rights, responsibilities and fundamental privileges. Citizens as been defined as a member of a community, state or country. As a member of any body or organ of association, there are rights, privileges and responsibilities that must be bestowed upon each member of the association in other for the members to have a full participation in the good governing of such body. So also, as a Citizen of Federal Republic of Nigeria, that are rights and responsibilities of citizens in other to have a good democratic governance. 
The chapter 4 section 33-44 of the 1999 constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria (as amended) stated clearly the fundamental rights of the citizens of Nigerian people which state as follows,
1) Right to life
2) Right to dignity of human person
3) Right to personal liberty
4) Right to fair hearing
5) Right to private & family life
6) Right to freedom of thought and conscience and religion
7) Right to freedom of expression
8) Right to peaceful assembly and association
9) Right to freedom of movement
10) Right to freedom from discrimination
11) Right to acquire and own movable property any where in NIGERIA.
The above stated are the rights which the citizen of these nation must enjoy under a good democratic governance when justice are reigning.
There are also responsibilities that a good citizens must observe and do in order for us to have a complete democratic nation. These responsibilities are also stated in chapter 2, section 24 of 1999 constitution (as amended) as the duty of every citizens of NIGERIA
1) Abide by the constitution
2) To help Enhance the power, prestige and good name of Nigeria
3) Respect the dignity of other citizens and rights and live in unity and harmony and in the spirit of common brotherhood
4)Make positive and useful contribution to the advancement, progress and well being of the community where he resides
5) Render assistance to appropriate and lawful agencies in maintaining law and order
6) Pay taxes and declare his income honestly.
We must all observe and do our responsibilities as a good citizens of Nigerian, only these can guarantee us good democratic societies, where both the electorate and the elected are fully engaged in the governance of their father land.
There also are laws, and these laws are to create order for enabling us to live in a justice cultured society. Without law the nation will be in a state of calamity, where citizen can behave and do any how they like without no one questioning. So law are to set standard for our daily livings. 
In conclusion, every citizens of the federal republic of Nigeria must be conscious of there citizenship and know there responsibilities to have a good democratic governance.

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