#Article: #Liberty, A Necessity For True Democratic Nation By Com. Bolutife Olayemi (Impact)

"Give me liberty to know, to utter, and argue freely according to conscience" - John Milton 1644. One of the basic of having a true democratic federation is the ability for the citizens under a sovereign to have absolute liberty.
In the liberal democracies of the west, liberty is widely held to be the most basic of human rights, an ideal that is worth fighting for and if need be dying for. Isahiah Berlin 1969 states that " those who have ever valued liberty for its own sake believed that to be free to choose and not to be chosen for is an inalienable ingredient in what makes human beings human".
Liberty is the absolute right of man by nature, "so every human most be free to feel free and experience as confer on them by mother nature". The 1999 Constitution as amended states the " Fundamental Rights" that the people of the federal republic of Nigeria must have and enjoyed and not to be denied of it for them to have a true democratic sovereign nation is stated emphatically in Chapter 5, Section 33 - 44 of the 1999 constitution of Nigeria as amended give a clear transitive statement concerning the rights and liberty that the citizen of Nigeria must have and enjoyed under the sovereign government. Section 33 - 44 states clearly "The right to life", The right to personal liberty, The right to fair hearing, The right to private and family life, right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion, The right freedom of expression and press, The right to peaceful assembly and association. Right to movement, Right to freedom from discrimination, Right to acquire and own immovable properties, and compulsory acquisition of property.
The there must be a sincere question we should be asking our self's as Nigerian citizen is, Are we truly enjoying these fundamental rights?.
"Justice is the constant and perpetual will to render to others what is due to them" Emperor Justinian, 6th century AD.
I believe we are in the season of change and we must make it a duty as a bona fide citizen of Nigeria to fight for our fundamental rights.

I remain your comrade for democratic struggle Comrade Bolutife Olayemi (impact).

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