12 Types Of Women You Will Meet At A Bar


Going out for a few drinks with the guys and hoping to meet the girl of your dreams? First, get familiar with the different ladies who will be there. When it comes to meeting women at a bar, it’s safe to say that you may not always find a wife or girlfriend material. There is always the chance that you might find a rare catch while sitting at the bar, because not all women who hang out at bars are looking to get sloshed.

When men go to a bar, they are typically looking for a good time, to catch a buzz, to let off steam, and maybe find someone to take home for a one night stand. Some men may find someone who’s just their type. Others might find a woman who’s only in there to have a good time. The unlucky ones usually find themselves either completely alone or cleaning up the mess of a girl who’s had one too many tequila shots.

The women you’ll encounter when you go to a bar
As mentioned before, you may meet the girl of your dreams, but first check out this list of the more realistic characters you can expect to find when you go bar hopping, according to Love Panky.

#1 The alcoholic. This is at the top of the list, because it really goes with the theme appropriately. While not everyone at the bar may be a regular drinker, you can usually spot the rookie from the veteran. The rookie sips girly drinks, and hours will pass before she asks for a top up. The veteran drinker is usually front and center, taking shots or downing beers like one of the guys. She may be loud and obnoxious, overly flirtatious, and quite often visibly tanked.

#2 The desperado. The Desperado is a frequent fixture at the bar. She may be looking for love or just hungry for attention. Either way, she’s looking for a man, and will desperately pursue this however she sees fit. While you might consider this an easy pass, these ones can go from one night stand to stalker before you know it. The desperado will go to great lengths to avoid feeling rejected.

#3 The cougar. She’s on the lookout for prey, and her specialty is fresh meat. The cougar isn’t looking for a sugar daddy, she wants a young guy to prove that she’s still “got it.” Either she’s a divorcee, or an independent older lady who wants to call the shots, without the hassle of being tied down. While some cougars are able to get some guys to settle down, think Demi and Ashton, she is really looking for instant gratification. You can spot her by noticing who she checks out, and if she buys you a drink, you can be sure you’re on her radar.

#4 The sugar baby. The sugar baby is usually a younger woman under 40, who is well dressed, primped, and looking like she walked out of a beauty magazine. She is looking for a rich sugar daddy, and she won’t even look at you twice if you’re under the age of 30.

She’ll watch the men coming in, and business suits and fat wallets are her specialty. Save yourself the rejection with these ones if you don’t drive a luxury car, or own a seriously profitable business.

#5 The promiscuous girl. I don’t really need to spell this one out, and while it can sound a lot like the desperado, the promiscuous girl is not usually looking for love. She’s all about lust. She is usually dressed in something way too risqué for the bar scene, and she’ll flash you the sex eyes if she’s interested.

She’s the type to come to your place for a quickie and be gone by sunrise. She won’t leave a note or a phone number. She wants one thing, and if it’s that good, you may have a chance for another encounter, just don’t call it a date!

#6 The tease. The tease can look like any of the above, but she’s strictly there to have fun, and her idea of fun is playing mind games with men. This woman will enthrall you, lead you to believe you’re getting somewhere, and you’ll fawn over her with attention.

You’ll buy her drinks, appetizers, cigarettes, cab fare, anything she wants, in hopes that you might get the chance to hook up with her, and then… nothing. She disappears, politely says she has to go, the number she gave you is not in service, and the name she gave you isn’t on Facebook. In other words… she played you, and you fell for it.

#7 The bachelorettes. In case men haven’t quite figured it out yet, the loud screaming bunch of sloppy drunks with tiaras and pink ribbons that have taken over the bar are usually a bachelorette party. These women are there to get crazy, drink until they can’t remember the night, and usually display out-of-control boy-crazy behavior. It’s best to leave these women to their own devices, as they probably won’t remember your face tomorrow anyway.

#8 The singletons. The singletons come in pairs or groups. They are sometimes quietly scoping the room for prospects or they are the wild ones, with guys flocked around them, fighting for their attention. The wild ones are bubbly, and lay the flirtation on thick.

They may be desperados or promiscuous girls, or they may just be looking for a good man in the wrong place. Usually, they are celebrating a break up or looking for a rebound to ease their loneliness. If you choose wisely, you might find a diamond in the rough.

#9 The married woman. The married woman is the one wearing her wedding ring *in some cases*, but is still hoping a guy will check her out or buy her a drink. Then she’ll chalk up her marriage to a lonely, sexless, boring existence, and blame her confession on the alcohol.

Mind you, she didn’t need the drink to dump her sorrows on another man, she was just looking for a shoulder to cry on, and by this I mean [insert something naughtier]. It’s best to leave this woman alone, as she is usually not worth the deception.

#10 The party girl. The party girl can’t be tamed. She’s young, she wants to have fun, and that’s all there is to it. She could care less about the guys at the bar, unless they are contributing to her having a great night out. She’s not necessarily looking for love or sex, as she’s just there to enjoy the party.

#11 The sideliner. The sideliner is kind of like a wallflower. She usually either sits alone, or with her friends who dragged her out to the bar. She may not even like to drink, and she may often be seen sipping the same drink throughout the entire night.

She’s probably the best wife material, if you can get past the fact that her friends are usually dressed more glamorously. Her attire is pretty low key, and her aura may be a bit standoffish.

#12 Some other guy’s girlfriend. Like the married woman, but this one’s harder to spot, as she won’t have a ring. You may buy her drinks, and she may genuinely flirt with you, but at the end, when you work up the courage to ask for her number, she drops the boyfriend bomb on you.

You feel confused and unsure of what to do next, you can’t figure out if you were rejected because she just didn’t like you, or she really did have a boyfriend. Either way it’s a lose-lose.

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