Boy Suspended From School For Dressing Like 50 Shades of Grey Star


A school that sparked a row after ‘banning’ a pupil, Lynn Nicholls from entering the school when he turned up dressed as a character from Fifty Shades of Grey has hit back at claims it was heavy handed.

Liam arrived at the school in Sale London, yesterday wearing a suit and carrying cable ties and a mask but was told by teachers he must alter his outfit before he could join in with events.
Lynn Nicholls, the school’s head teacher, said: “The school stands by the decision it made yesterday in relation to the costume worn by one of its students to World Book Day.

Liam’s mother, Nicola Scholes, appeared on ITV1’s Good Morning Britain to defend her son.
She said: “I don’t regret allowing him to go as that character.

“He’s a character that has been put out there on the television and all aspects of media.
“Every child at the age of 11 knows who he was. He walked into school yesterday and every child knew who he was.

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