Film Review: Fifty Shades of Grey By @joycorkery


Last Saturday, I went to see ‘FiftyShades of Grey’. Whether or not that is something to be ashamed of, you can be the judge. I had previously read all three books and I was simply curious as to whether the story could be brought successfully to the big screen. After nearly two hours of my life sat inside the relatively comfy CineStar in Potsdamer Platz’s Sony Centre, I came to the conclusion that it should have been left as a book.

There was something about the book that really sucked you in as a reader, despite the fact that it wasn’t very well written. I guess it comes down to the age old reasoning that ones imagination really is better than any film studio or production company. Perhaps the same for other woman, film Christian Grey was never going to be as good as the book Christian Grey who jumped from the pages of the novel into my mind. Saying that, I do think Jamie Dornan was a good casting.

Off the top of my head, I can’t think of anybody else who really could have played that part better. I also think that Dakota Johnson was as good as could be as Anastacia Steele. She had the right amount of innocence and walk-over personality combined with rebellion to play the character convincingly. Lack or real screen time makes it hard to comment on any other character.

The erotic tones of the book really did not transform well on film. Yes, there were some kinky scenes, but nothing worse than what other films without the ‘sex hype’ surrounding them have shown . In fact, the incessant lip biting actually made the erotic feel of ‘Fifty Shades of Gray’ very teenage like. Simple things like this made the story really cheesy for me. One thing that did come across quite strongly, however, was the dominance of Christian Grey.

I feel that, while reading the books, thousands, perhaps millions, of women worldwide fell in love with Mr. Grey. The Christian in the film, at least in my opinion, was much less attractive personality wise: the warning signs of just how messed up he is were clear to see.
Overall, I felt that the film was more of a comedy than anything else. Whether or not the film makers knew that it would be hard to perfectly portray the erotica and sensuousness of the book on film accurately, I do not know, but it did seem that at times they were simply making fun of what everyone deems a weak storyline.

 Taking into account the number of laughs circulating the theatre, I don’t think I was the only one with these feelings. I went into ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ with no expectations which was probably the best thing to do. I was aware of the book beforehand. I read it, knew it wasn’t the best story, but still enjoyed it. It was the same with the film.

No doubt it will never win an Oscar or the likes, but it is a good film to go see with a group of girls who like to get into fits of giggle. Now, whether or not I will make the effort go to see the second and third films in the cinema is something I have at least another year to decide.

Joy is a Berlin-based, 26-year-old Irish girl living in Berlin, a full time Content Editor and almost a full time blogger. She blogs on Joyfulantidotes

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