Book Review: Witchcraft Couture By KatarinaWest (@WestKatarina)


Did Magic take over as the order of the day?. Katarina West's - Witchcraft Couture, centred around magic, gives a world note. I made a spotlight few weeks ago, click here in case you missed it. Peep the review of the book after the cut....


Title:  Witchcraft Couture

Author: Katarina West

Pagination: 276

Book Reviewer: Adebote 'Seyifunmi (Editor for

Reading through the diary of an abandoned talented young man could not have seemed better than Katarina West pictured in Witchcraft Couture. The book is as hypnotic as the story of an unborn Federica who kept hunting Oscar Pellegrini to greatness, despite his restless act of getting in and out of jobs like a shopaholic at malls.

Being a perfectionist caused Oscar problems for him and his 'introvertish'nature only worsened matters, he must have destroyed the exact sketch that would have made his adult life legendary like Leonardo da vinci's Monalisa".

I can't remember flipping through any fashion book that kept me enticed as Witchcraft Couture.
Did Sampo in the life of a none-to-be-reckoned-with fellow make any difference? Did the black angel really hypnotize him with her translucent skin radiated as if there was a soft light burning inside her?.
Witchcraft Couture is highly entertaining and West's narrative skill is one per excellence.

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