#Photo: (18+ Photo) Did Rihanna Get Hacked Or Leak Her Own Nude Pics?


Two nude photos of Rihanna were leaked to 4chan/Reddit early Sunday morning and the incident is being linked to celebrity hackers that are being trailed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Although it has not been confirmed that the photos show Rihanna, the images, seen by Mirror Celeb, show a woman with a striking resemblance to the Barbadian beauty standing completely naked with her back to the camera.

The woman stands with her hand on her head, revealing a trail of star tattoos – identical to those of the popstar- spiralling down her back.

I ask because she’s had so many nudes before, but regardless, she’s apart of this ‘celebrity nude photo leaked scandal’, so….

See the photos here

Source: TheHerald/IWT

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