#Tech: Airtel May Stop 2 in1 Blackberry Plan Soon


According to the text received from Airtel Nigeria, it seems the network provider may be  planning to stop the 2 in 1 BIS package that gives 4GB for #1,500. The text which reads “2days left for the 2 in 1 package to expire, it can still be yours", may signal the end to one of the most used data plan amongst iPad, Android, Windows , Blackberry and PC users across the nation.
If this plan is brought down as planned, Android and non-BB users might port to a better network. If you are still rocking this plan, it is better you send deactivate to 440 in order to be at a safe mode.

Your current package will be deactivated without tampering with your left over data; then you can re-subscribe again before 1st of September 2014, and it will be added to your leftover data.

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