#Politics: WHAT I SAW AT THE Funaabsu PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE - Adebote Seyi

Being one of the 15,000 FUNAABites opportune to witness a boring FUNAABSU presidential debate, the 3rd Presidential Debate organized by Top-Notch Writers Organization. I must register my thoughts; again I repeat my thoughts about the event. I understand well enough it was a debate not a comedy show; a panel was set- not judges, but the serious look on the aspirant faces kept me puzzled all through the afternoon. And as I write, I have not made a choice that’s if I will make any about who is most conscious about FUNAAB and her entities. Ironically, it is better to see from behind and at other times it is clearer to see from afar rather than siting under the same roof with supposed leaders adequately filled with void as one of the holy books described earth years ago.

In the words of the panel chairman “let me reinstate… you all signed the memorandum of understanding...” well, some did sign but did not read it, and if they read it, they did not understand it just as they did not understand some questions posed by the panel in simple tenses. If they read and understood the MoU before signing it- why did one of the aspirants (siting towards the right wing) mount the podium with a publicity tag on? Why did another disobey the due process and decided to make an aluta chant?

One truth we must face is that a man who doesn’t know 3 out of 10 lines of the Stanza two of Nigeria’s anthem may be the best man for the job. Did not you and I complain bitterly about how mute the tenure of an orator was? You surely don’t wanna be fooled again?

One quick question, hope it’s not only students with ICT’s smart identity card that will be allowed to vote? With due respect our GNS lecturers have some more buttons to press, I believe you also heard clearly when a FUNAABSU president-to-be said, “I will not promise you Heaven and Earth” well, who are you to promise us earth in the first place. The simple question was “What promises would you not make to FUNAABites as a campaign strategy?”

Nonetheless, it will be kind to thank the Vet. Doctor for informing us that “…FUNAAB is the second largest university in Nigeria” but if he was more sincere He wouldn’t have responded to that question in that way, whether FUNAABites or UNAABites we will never substitute academic activities for extensive farming. We are students, not slaves and your BONE may be stronger than mine, it will be wrong to create issues with the COLMAS aspirant, based on his college, religion, talking-singing intonation and his entire personality, after all FUNAABSU is a none partisan- simply Democratic.

I recall, the M.C. - regarded the panels as honourable, but did they reflect the last four alphabets- ABLE? Why did they have to repeat questions asked at the previous presidential debate- February? Why did some questions confront those with faint audience? Couldn’t the time keeper come with a bell? The questions are foolish but non-100 level FUNAABites demand an answer.

The silence in the hall before the final round of questions was shocking as the FUNIEC chairman orientated those present about the E-Voting, but did you watch closely as I did as one of the aspirant smile widely interestingly he is not in the department of computer science, I could have wondered in lost what made him smile happily even when other FUNAABites couldn’t applaud the supposed innovation. But I agree with the man of Integrity just as Nigerians agree with Jega- it will be free and fair.

Well, at the close of the day, did we really discover the best road not yet taken? Recall that was the focus- supposedly. FUNAABites must really respect all the contestants, not only those vying for the presidential seat; their bravery, sacrificial attitudes and other attributes exhibited including their intellectualism, diminuendos, dynamism and leadership prowess should be envied. When the best man emerges, we hope FUNAABites will not be governed for two semesters by a dummy system of government.

I never thought of using a parody account so I take responsibility for every alphabet and every punctuation mark used. After all, it just what I saw at the presidential debate.

Adebote Oluwaseyifunmi is a young Nigerian, passionate about youth empowerment and positive changes. He is based in Lagos State, Nigeria. He also has repute in Journalism and Radio Broadcasting in Nigeria.

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