Actress Biola Ige Says Shes' Available For The Guys

Controversial but fast-rising actress, Biola Ige, talks about acting and her semi-nudé picture that trended online in the last few weeks and other personal stuffs in a chat with Punch. Read the interview below:

A semi-nudé picture of you surfaced online a while ago...
The movie was titled ‘Pregnant Hawkers’. It was a photograph I took with Muna Obiekwe on the set of a movie. It was a great movie and I don’t regret taking part in the movie.

What was the reaction from family and friends when the picture began to trend on the social media?
My family and friends know who I am. They were totally with me on the photo episode. No one took it that seriously and they all knew it was part of my movie role!

Did you feel like quitting after that picture went viral?
No I didn’t! I set the record straight and continued working on my projects. I am not one to allow distractions get in the way of my work.

Are you in a relationship?
I am single and learning about myself daily. I love it, but I am also looking forward to meeting the right person.

Apart from acting, what else do you do for a living?
I dug a single seed into the ground, I hope it grows.

How do you relax?
When I am not working I love to read a lot of inspirational books. I also enjoy R&B music.

Most actors want to be producers. Is this also your dream?
I admire multi-talented people. However, producing movies is not something I want to jump into right now. I am enjoying my career as an actress.

How do you cope with attention from the opposite séx?
Every woman receives attention from the opposite sex. I don’t feel particularly special about it. I respect myself as a woman, I take pride in my profession and I act accordingly. Attention from the opposite séx is very welcome but usually amounts to nothing.

What is your definition of style?
Dress for yourself and not for others. I like comfortable clothing that fit.

Any regrets being an actress?
I do not like certain things but that is not to say I have any regrets. I don’t enjoy the fact that people tend to discuss you even when they don’t know you are or where you are coming from. I don’t enjoy the fact that I cannot do regular things like boarding a public bus or buying roast plantain. Even your fans expect you to be fake.

What excites you most about being a celebrity?
I am not sure what excites me but I am super excited at being able to do what I love, and getting paid for it.

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