“Prioritise Your Mental Health ”, Athena Consulting Agency Founder Empress Isha Charges Business Owners, Entrepreneurs


In observance of World Mental Health Day, Empress Isha, the founder of Athena Consulting Agency, has advised entrepreneurs and business owners on the importance of prioritizing their mental well-being while pursuing their goals.

“Prioritise Your Mental Health ”, Athena Consulting Agency Founder Empress Isha Charges Business Owners, Entrepreneurs
Empress Isha, Founder Athena Consulting Agency 

During a telephone conversation with itsallisay.com on Tuesday, Ms. Isha emphasized the need for entrepreneurs to reflect on their initial motivations for starting their businesses and to remain steadfast in their commitment. 

She also encouraged them to ignore detractors and external events that may attempt to undermine their determination.

Ms. Isha stated, “As the world celebrates 2023 Mental Health Day, my advice to entrepreneurs and business owners is to always remember why and how they started. They should never let anyone or any event that was not there when they took the bold step to weigh them down or make them give up.”

She underscored the uniqueness of each entrepreneur's journey, reminding them that they are the architects of their own success. She stressed that no one can replicate their individual path, asserting that “You are the only one who is in charge. You have no competition. You are you; others can only make supplements; they can never be you.”

Furthermore, she acknowledged the challenges entrepreneurs face on their path to success, likening them to demons that must be confronted and conquered. She encouraged entrepreneurs to overcome these obstacles with determination and resilience, saying, “So encourage yourself. This height is what you have dreamt of. Face and conquer the demons of height, so you can climb higher than you ever imagined at the beginning.”

About Empress Isha

Empress Isha is the founder of Athena Consulting Agency, a recruitment and employment agency that specializes in providing exceptional recruitment services to businesses across various industries.

At Athena Consulting Agency, Ms. Isha oversees a wide range of services, which includes talent acquisition, workforce management, and human resources consulting. She leverages cutting-edge technologies and recruitment methods to ensure the best candidates are sourced for business owners, brands, companies, and organizations of all types.

Call her 'The Brand Evangelist,' and you won't be wrong, as she has successfully promoted over 500 brands and events using her platforms, showcasing her unparalleled expertise in marketing and brand promotion.

As a self-motivated and optimistic woman, she is always interested in seeing people around her grow. She is a passionate advocate of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and has served as Edo State coordinator for the Book Club for secondary schools SDG project.

You can reach her through her social media platforms:


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