Independence Day: “Let us Build Nigeria through Unity and Resilience,” Says Asiwaju Focus Noni


As Nigeria celebrates its 63rd anniversary as a sovereign nation, Comrade Oriyomi Awokoya (Focus Noni), the National Coordinator of Asiwaju Focus Noni (AFN), has extended his warmest greetings to fellow citizens home and abroad.

Independence Day: “Let us Build Nigeria through Unity and Resilience,” Says Asiwaju Focus Noni

In a statement made available to newsmen on Sunday, Comrade Awokoya advised Nigerians to reflect on the nation's history, the struggles and sacrifices made by her forefathers, and the progress achieved as a sovereign nation.

According to him, “Nigeria's journey since gaining independence has been marked by significant achievements and challenges, but it is in our unity, resilience, and unwavering hope that we find the strength to overcome any obstacle.

“There is a need to recognise the importance of this day in our national calendar, not only as an occasion to celebrate our freedom but also as a time for self-reflection and collective commitment to building a better Nigeria for future generations,” he said.

Awokoya, the Chairman of Amosu Abiara CDA, Lagos State, also emphasised the need for all Nigerians, regardless of tribe, religion, and political affiliations, to come together in the spirit of unity and love for our great nation.

He stated that the country's diversity is its strength, and it is through dialogue, understanding, and cooperation that citizens can address the various challenges facing our beloved country.

Comrade Awokoya applauded the efforts of President Tinubu for his contribution to the growth and development of Nigeria and the vital role of civil society organisations in shaping the nation's future. He also encouraged young people to actively participate in the socio-economic and political development of Nigeria.

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