Google is Rolling Out Android 14 to These Devices Plus AI Powered Wallpaper Generator


Google's parent company, Alphabet on Wednesday unveiled the Pixel 8, and the Pixel 8 Pro.

Google is Rolling Out Android 14 to These Devices Plus AI Powered Wallpaper Generator

The company also launched its latest operating system, ‘Android 14’ which has been in its preview phase since February to the public.

According to the release, only Pixel users can download the latest Android 14 OS update for now.

Other OEMs like Samsung, iQOO, Nothing, OnePlus, Oppo, Realme, Sharp, Sony, Tecno, vivo and Xiaomi are expected to bring Android 14 updates to their devices in the coming months.

The AI wallpaper generator, which users may use to create backgrounds for their devices by selecting from a variety of prompts, was first shown by the Alphabet Inc.-owned firm at its I/O developer conference in May 2023.

To change the results, users with access to the functionality must first choose a category, such “classic art,” and then play about with the prompts.

In a blog post, Google provided an example where it chooses the Dreamscape category and asks users to describe a structure, material, and color.

With Ultra HDR, Android 14 will also enable HDR photographs, making your shots look more colorful. Additionally, Google added a new video player, cross-device copy/paste, and native spatial audio capabilities. 

Two additional key concerns are privacy and security. All of your personal health data is stored and encrypted locally on your smartphone through Health Connect, which is a feature of Android 14 software.

Additionally, you’ll be informed when apps intend to share your location data with third  parties and have the option to prevent that from happening.

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