Asiwaju Coalition of Yoruba Youths Applauds President Tinubu's Supreme Court Victory


The Asiwaju Coalition of Yoruba Youths has extended its heartfelt congratulations to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu following his historic victory at the Supreme Court of Nigeria, confirming his presidency.

Asiwaju Coalition of Yoruba Youths Applauds President Tinubu's Supreme Court Victory

In a statement issued by the coalition's national coordinator, Ayinde Abduljaleel, and released to the media on Thursday, the organization voiced its unwavering support for President Tinubu. The Supreme Court's ruling, which affirmed his electoral triumph, was hailed as a testament to Nigeria's robust democratic institutions.

Ayinde commended the Supreme Court's justices for their meticulous review of all arguments, emphasizing the preservation of justice and fairness. He noted that the verdict underscored the resilience and maturity of Nigeria's democracy.

President Tinubu's victory was celebrated as a beacon of hope for all Nigerians, transcending tribal, religious, and political boundaries. The coordinator acknowledged the achievements of the current administration in various sectors, including education, anti-corruption measures, job creation, agriculture, humanitarian services, power sector enhancements, and improvements in security.

He lauded President Tinubu's unwavering commitment to combating corruption, which promises transparency and accountability in governance. He also highlighted the administration's interventions in agriculture, expected to revitalize the sector and stimulate economic diversification.

Furthermore, the national coordinator commended President Tinubu's dedicated efforts to ensure the security and welfare of all Nigerians. He noted that the President's actions in combating insurgency, terrorism, and other criminal activities have significantly restored peace in the nation.

He took the opportunity to reiterate the group's support for President Tinubu's vision of unity, inclusivity, and national development. He pledged that the group will continue to collaborate with the government and like-minded organizations to promote peace, unity, and progress across the country.

He encouraged President Tinubu to remain focused on realizing his vision of a united Nigeria, where every citizen can pursue their dreams and aspirations. He also expressed his belief in the President's leadership's capacity to guide Nigeria through its challenges, cementing its position as a prominent force in Africa and on the global stage.

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