Video: Ekweremadu’s Daughter Reacts to Conviction of Her Parents by UK Court


Sonia, daughter of former Deputy Senate President Ike Ekweremadu has shared her account of the circumstances leading to her parents’ arrest and after they were arrested.

Video: Ekweremadu’s Daughter Reacts to Conviction of Her Parents by UK Court

In an interview with BBC, Sonia said it was shocking getting arrested alongside her parents.

Commenting on the conviction of her parents for organ trafficking by a UK court, the former deputy senate president’s daughter said she disagrees with the conviction even though she understands it.

She also admitted that she will be biased in such situation because she will always be on her parents’ side. She also said they will be moving on from the case.

On her kidney condition, she revealed that she has lymphatic syndrome, which means her kidney is small with large holes. When asked if she was involved in the search for a kidney, she said she wasn’t, adding that it was basically her family that took care of everything. She also said that her father’s side were ruled out from donating because they have a history of kidney disease.

Sonia didn’t give a direct response on the portrayal of the 21-year-old Nigerian man who was brought to the U.K for the purported “kidney donation” as her cousin. She further revealed that she has gotten so many donors after the case got to public space.

Sonia also said she and her parents don’t feel any anger towards the 21-year-old Nigerian man whose testimony led to their imprisonment, and that her parents are usually calm when she visits them in jail. Sonia who noted that things won’t remain the same following her parents’ conviction, added that she feels guilty because everything happened because of her.

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