How Mayor-Concept's Vision for Print, Snap, and Design Will Revolutionize Africa's Creative Industry


Oke Samuel is a well-known graphic designer and logo expert and the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Mayor Concept. He has extensive experience in the creative industry, conceptualizing dynamic and innovative design solutions for print, web, and broadcast applications. 

How Mayor-Concept's Vision for Print, Snap, and Design Will Revolutionize Africa's Creative Industry
Oke Samuel, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Mayor-Concept.

Oke discusses his background and career journey, creative process, approach to design, experience with brand strategy, and his future plans to own a photography and printing studio, in this interview with Alli Abiola. Excerpts.

Background In Graphic and Logo Design

I started in the graphic design industry around 2018, and that's when I began learning about design principles, studying the art of designing logos, and understanding the relationship between colors. In 2018, 2019, and 2020, I specialized in creating flyers, banners, posters, and other design materials. However, I didn't venture into logo design until 2020-2021 when I began receiving numerous requests from clients to design logos for their brands.

Initially, I wasn't interested in logo design, but I decided to incorporate it into my personal brand due to the high demand for it. To develop my skills, I took courses and attended training programs online, which proved to be quite helpful in executing design projects. In the design industry, there are principles that govern every design, and I make sure to follow them in every project I undertake.

So, my background is centered on self-development and online training programs that have helped me to create several design and logo projects successfully.

The Inspiration Behind ‘Mayor Concept’ and the Services We Offer

The word "Mayor" was gotten from my third name. My full name is Oke Samuel Oluwamayowa. I shortened "Mayowa" to "Mayor." The “Concept” has to do with different kinds of things that revolve around the computing space because I love anything computing, anything that has to do with computing, anything that's just related to a system or a computer, and I love doing it a lot with passion. I had different suggestions for using "Mayor" like "Mayor Graphics" or "Mayor Computer," but I thought "Mayor Graphics" would not allow me to go far. 

I needed to expand the brand because in the future, I would definitely include some other services like photography, video animation, and the likes. Using "Mayor Graphics" could actually limit the brand. That's why I included "Concept." So, the "Concept" in the sense that we offer different services inside the "Mayor Concept." 

We offer graphic designing. We do logos, posters, and any kind of designs. We do video animation, video editing, and a lot of things. We also offer social media designs that you can use to promote your brand or your company. 

We aim to help businesses brand themselves the way they ought to be. In the future, we plan to include a photography section and a printing section. We are already doing printing now, but we want to have a particular office whereby there will be a section for photography, a section for printing, and a section for graphic designs. That way, when people take their own pictures in the photo section, they can easily go to where we have the graphic designers to make some designs for them. And in that same office, they can easily go to where we have the printing site to print out what they have already designed.

That's why I gave the name of the brand "Mayor Concept." "Mayor Graphics" would have limited the brand name because of the printing space that we want to include and because of the photography aspect.

Creative Process for Print, Web and Broadcast Applications

Before starting any project, I ensure that the design size is suitable for all media platforms, such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms. If the project involves print, I design the actual size for print separately and also design the actual size suitable for online use. For projects that are meant for both print and online use, I design the size to be the same for both.

When it comes to print, I focus on using a high-quality design to ensure that the final printed product is clear and clean. I take care of the printing aspect as well to ensure that the final product meets my quality standards.

For broadcast applications, the process is similar to web and print design. I ensure that the design is of good quality and suitable for broadcasting.

Overall, my creative process is centered around ensuring that the design quality is high and appropriate for the medium it will be used on.

Staying Up-To-Date with Industry Trends 

For me, the best way to stay updated and incorporate industry trends into my work is by joining design communities. By doing so, I get to connect with different kinds of designers who are from various states and countries. Through these connections, I am able to stay updated on what is trending in the industry and how I can incorporate these trends into my designs.

For instance, I belong to several Nigeria graphic designers’ groups, including those in different countries. This allows me to gain more knowledge and learn from others, which I can then apply to my own designs. It's essential to stay updated with the latest trends and not fall behind, and joining these communities helps me achieve that. So, to sum it up, staying updated with industry trends and incorporating them into your work is as simple as joining design communities and connecting with designers who share your interests.

Developing an Effective Approach to Branding and Logo Design for Communicating a Brand's Message and Values

Before starting a logo or branding project for a business, I ensure that I have a thorough understanding of the company's vision, mission, and competitors. This knowledge helps me effectively communicate their message and values through their logo and branding. I research the best colors to use and examine the competitors' logos to ensure that the design stands out.

Branding involves designing business cards, letterheads, and putting logos on various items. I love using merchandise like mugs to bring a company's vision and mission to life. With every project, I aim to convey the essence of the business and leave a lasting impression on their target audience.

How Mayor-Concept's Vision for Print, Snap, and Design Will Revolutionize Africa's Creative Industry
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Stay tuned for the concluding part of this exciting interview, where Oke Samuel delves deeper into his creative process and shares insights on how he has successfully built Mayor-Concept into the industry leader it is today. From his background and career journey to his vision for the future, there's much more to discover about this talented designer and entrepreneur. Don't miss out on the final installment of this must-read interview!

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