Breaking Boundaries (Part 2): How Godfrey Nnamdi Iremipo Built a Successful Graphics Design and Clothing Company While in College


In the first part of this interview, we got to know Godfrey Nnamdi Iremipo, the CEO of IDentity, and learned about his background, entrepreneurial journey, and the founding of his graphics design and clothing company. 

Godfrey Nnamdi Iremipo, the CEO of IDentity
Godfrey Nnamdi Iremipo, the CEO of IDentity

In this second part, he analysed in greater depth, the strategies that have helped him build and scale his business, how he deals with competition, and his vision for the future.

Without further ado, let's continue our conversation.

How do you balance your role as a student executive with your other responsibilities, such as running your business and your academic studies?

Balancing my role as a student executive with running my business and academic studies has been a challenging task. I must admit that I have not been able to manage it very well. However, my passion for my course has helped me to cope better. Additionally, my advanced knowledge from my previous studies has been beneficial in reducing the amount of time I need to spend on reading.

When I assumed my executive post (as the secretary general of the Nigerian Economics Student Association University of Abuja chapter), I had to reduce my involvement in my business because it was too demanding to handle both my academics and my executive duties. Hence, I focused more on my academics and limited my business to the beginning of the semester and after exams. During this period, I only took orders I could fulfill on my laptop, or I collaborated with my business partner, who was also a schoolmate.

However, during periods when I had more time, such as during holidays or the beginning of the semester, I would go full force in my business. Nevertheless, I had to be careful not to allow it to affect my academic performance, as I had experienced in my second year.

Therefore, I have learned to prioritize my academics while managing my other responsibilities. By doing so, I have achieved satisfactory academic results, and I'm confident that I will excel in my current exams.

Can you share a success story or a milestone that you are particularly proud of?

I am proud of my perseverance and dedication to my business. There were times when things were tough and I felt like giving up, but I didn't. And now, I have a successful brand with loyal customers who trust and support me. While I cannot think of a specific milestone, every small achievement has contributed to my success. I also want to acknowledge the support I received from my family during the initial stages of my business. It helped me to make some major financial moves and get to where I am today. Overall, I am proud of my resilience and determination to keep pushing forward, and I know that my business will continue to grow and thrive in the future.

How do you stay up-to-date with industry trends and developments, and what strategies do you use to continue learning and growing as an entrepreneur?

When it comes to staying up-to-date with industry trends and developments, there are a variety of strategies that I employ as an entrepreneur. One of the most effective methods I have found is following relevant social media pages and websites that are related to my field. By doing so, I am able to keep a close eye on the latest news and emerging trends, which helps me stay ahead of the curve and make more informed decisions for my business.

In addition to following industry publications and websites, I also make an effort to attend conferences and other networking events. These events provide a great opportunity to meet other professionals in my field, learn about new technologies and best practices, and stay up-to-date on the latest trends.

Another important strategy that I use to continue learning and growing is to be very strict about the design aspect of my work. In the past, I have encountered issues where I would design something that a client ultimately did not like, which was frustrating for both of us. To avoid this problem, I now make sure to communicate with my clients thoroughly before starting any design work, ensuring that I understand their preferences and specifications in detail. This has helped me to minimize issues and create more successful designs overall.

When it comes to personal growth and development as an entrepreneur, I also rely heavily on my network of friends, family, and colleagues. They often suggest new ideas and provide valuable feedback on my work, which helps me to refine my skills and improve my business. Additionally, I make a point to regularly brainstorm new ideas and explore different avenues for growth and expansion.

While I have been busy as a student, I know that it is important to prioritize continued learning and growth in my field. Even when I do not have a lot of spare time to devote to research and professional development, I make sure to stay engaged with my industry and keep my finger on the pulse of emerging trends and technologies. Ultimately, these strategies have helped me to build a successful business and position myself for long-term success.

What are your future plans for IDentity, and how do you plan to expand your brand beyond the University of Abuja?

My future plans for IDentity involve expanding the brand beyond the University of Abuja and into the online space. I plan to become an online vendor by selling my products on platforms like Jumia, Konga, and other popular e-commerce websites. I believe that the online market is vast, and with the right pricing strategy and marketing techniques, I can reach a wider audience and increase sales.

To achieve this, I will need to be mindful of pricing, as customers on these platforms are often looking for the best deals. I will aim to keep prices low while maintaining quality to attract more customers and increase sales volume. I have already begun working on this and will continue to explore new ways to optimize my online presence.

Additionally, I plan to create a website for IDentity in the long term. I understand the importance of having a website to showcase my products and services, and I plan to work with my sister who is skilled in website design and coding to create a professional-looking and functional website.

By expanding into the online space and creating a website, I aim to increase the visibility of the IDentity brand and reach a wider audience, both locally and globally. I am excited about the possibilities and will continue to work hard to make these plans a reality.

Breaking Boundaries (Part 2): How Godfrey Nnamdi Iremipo Built a Successful Graphics Design and Clothing Company While in College.

What advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs who are just starting out in the business world?

It is important to acknowledge that success in business requires more than just intelligence or relying on a higher power. While having faith and praying can provide guidance and motivation, it is important to focus on cultivating other essential traits as well. These include integrity, honesty, and fair pricing, as these are crucial for building a trustworthy reputation in the marketplace.

Additionally, perseverance is key. Entrepreneurship is not an easy journey, and there will be times when it feels like giving up is the only option, but it is important to push through these moments and learn from the challenges you face.

It is also important to stay focused and never stop moving forward. While it may be discouraging to see others succeed more quickly than you, instead of giving up, take the opportunity to learn from their success and adapt your approach accordingly.

Lastly, always remain grateful and humble. It is important to remember how far you have come and to be thankful for the support and opportunities that have helped you along the way. By embodying these traits and continuously striving to improve, you can pave the way for long-term success in your entrepreneurial journey.

Breaking Boundaries (Part 2): How Godfrey Nnamdi Iremipo Built a Successful Graphics Design and Clothing Company While in College.

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