In line with My Father's Legacies, Every Child Matters - Hon. Dayo Taiwo Vows

In line with My Father's Legacies, Every Child Matters - Hon. Dayo Taiwo Vows

by Oyeniyi Esan 

Hon. Dayo Tawio, vying to represent Ibadan SouthWest Constituency 2 under the aegis of Labour Party (LP), has vowed that in line with the humanitarian legacies of his father, Prof. Olufisan Taiwo, remain the cardinal pillars of his political adventure, as a bid to enhance the security of the country's future. 

This was disclosed during an interactive session with Oke-Bola community in line to his manifesto that the future of Nigeria remains in the hands of the younger generation. 

According to him, "My father was a medical doctor and trained paediatrician. History has it that no child ever died in the hands of my late father,  Olufisan Taiwo a Professor of Pediatrics when he was alive and so for me, the life of every child will matter in my constituency if  given the chance to be a member of the House of Assembly Ibadan South-west constituency 2."

"As the saying goes, every child is your child and the responsibility of the community. Following the ethics of  UNESCO that every child deserves the right to good education, shelter, food and health care. However, the case is reversed in our today's reality with the level of decadence across all sectors and the children, especially the unborn, are to bear the burden." 

"When I recall my interactions with people and how they benefit from his humanitarian adventures, I remember been told of such dedication is needed by all. A particular story intrigues me of how that when he graduated from the University of Ibadan as a Medical Doctor, my grandmother gave him an apartment to use for his practise as a medical doctor. Interestingly, my father started giving free medical consultations to everyone who came to his clinic" 

"I have learnt the importance of service to humanity from my late father and I look forward to serving the Good people of Ibadan South-west 2 Constituency as a member of the State House of Assembly, by the will and grace of God".

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