How to Access Burnt, Lost or Damaged WAEC Certificate Online

The Nigerian office of the West African Examinations Council (WAEC), has launched its digital certificate platform for candidates to generate certificates online and to recover burnt, lost, and damaged certificates.
How to Access Burnt, Lost or Damaged WAEC Certificate Online

Certificates produced from 1999 to date are eligible for such recovery.

The platform, which involves mobile and web-based applications, was unveiled Thursday at the WAEC International Office in Lagos.

According to WAEC’s Head of National Office for Nigeria, Patrick Areghan, it will cost N7,500 for new and old candidates to assess the platform, N3,500 to share and N5,000 for certificate confirmation to “eliminate fraud and send fakers out of the market.”

The platform will enable over 30 million certificate holders to “access and share the original copies of their certificates from anywhere in the world and those from 1970 to 1998 will be attended to shortly.”

Developed by Botosoft Technologies, the platform can also be used to recover candidates’ forgotten or lost examination numbers and “it has many security doors that will make it impossible to hack.”

 “We have migrated from physical registration of candidates to online registration; online verification of results and online result printouts.

“The development of the new digital certificate platform is in line with WAEC’s continuous record of meeting global needs by using cutting-edge technology to improve candidates’ experiences as they seek to continue their education,” he said.

Benefits of digital certificate

Speaking further on the benefits of the platform, the official said “The digital certificate platform gives certificate holders the power to prevent unauthorized users from accessing their data.

“The platform is compliant with global best practices by ensuring that the data of candidates are protected securely and cannot be accessed by third parties without the consent of certificate owners.

“Individuals can now share their digital certificates from a WAEC source instantly, regardless of the person’s location. This eliminates institutional administration delays and the backlog of requests.”

The platform also allows for bulk confirmation of certificates at once and candidates can print their digital certificates in high quality to have a physical copy.

Candidates can through the app channel (, initiate an instant request for confirmation to be sent to the interested institution or organisation anywhere in the world, and the contact will receive a confirmation email from WAEC via an encrypted channel.

In this instance, interested parties, otherwise known as the third parties or institutions with the candidate’s consent, visit the platform to confirm the authenticity of the certificate they received. 
The module, according to WAEC, can process a single or bulk confirmation request.

How to Create an Account for the Digital Certificate on WAEC Platform

On how to create an account for the digital certificate, WAEC said: 

  • “First, you will go to the website,, to get started. 
  • Then, you click on the ‘create account button’, and move on to setting up the account. 
  • As a candidate, select the ‘certificate access’ or as an institution, the ‘candidate confirmation’.

  • “Then enter the information required, confirm the information provided and proceed to ‘sign up’.
 Note: You must enter your name as captured on your WAEC certificate. Then enter the verification code sent to your email and click the ‘submit’ button. 
  • The next step is to log into your account using your registered email and password.”

It said with these steps duly followed, a user can now access, share, request confirmation, and confirm his or her WAEC certificate with ease.

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