Urban Tree Revival Initiative, Big Picture Initiative, holds ‘The Ibadan Climate Action March’


It is essential not to waste water or food, to properly dispose of your waste, and to embrace the three Rs of sustainability, which are to reduce, reuse, recylcle, and everything else that contributes to climate change. 

This is the message from Big Picture Initiative, as it partners Urban Tree Revival Initiative to hold ‘The Ibadan Climate Action March.’ 

The walk which held on 23rd September, 2022, began at Emmanuel College, U.I. area, Ibadan, Oyo State. It was aimed at creating awareness and showing the world how to mitigate the effect of climate change in order to achieve environmental sustainability.

"Climate change is not a myth, it is real." However, while everyone notices the effect, not everyone believes that climate change is a threat," said Oluwatumininu Oluwatoni Olutayo, Big Picture Initiative programs assistant.

"Everybody has observed it is getting hotter. Some people are aware that flooding is also a danger, but it is getting worse, not only in Nigeria."

According to Olutayo, "Agriculture is also affected. Even though people see the dangers on a daily basis, not everyone understands that it is due to climate change. We do not know that the effect of climate change is a result of man's activities. So, there is a need to continually create awareness. Today's event is a continual process. It is not for the educated alone. It is critical to take to the streets frequently to inform people that we are the cause of changes in weather conditions. We have to take responsibility for different changes in climatic conditions."

Strategic partners were Junior Chamber International (University of Ibadan Chapter), Food Army Nigeria, Green Mind International, and the SDGs Action Network.

The walk involved over one hundred participants who engaged the public in one-on-one sensitization about the effects of climate change and the need to take responsibility for different changes in climatic conditions.

Placards carrying the message in English and Yoruba were shared and used to communicate the effect of climate change to passersby.

Many road users, marketmen, and women in the city were reached out to about the need to understand the implications of climate change on agriculture and the Earth in general.

The walk came to an end at Emmanuel College, U.I Area of Ibadan, after three hours of educating people about the importance of climate action and education.

"Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 17 call for partnership to achieve the goals. These feats are impossible to achieve on your own. We appreciate our volunteers, partners, supporters, sponsors, and security operatives who supported us till the end of the event to ensure our safety", Olutayo added.

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