Tech Firms Unveils Internet Protocol Television Technology With Over 1,500 Channels


In order to change the way viewers across Nigeria and the African continent consume online and television content, LGC Media Limited and HOI Greenfield Nigeria Limited, have unveiled LGC Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) Canadian Technology that offers over 1,500 international and local television channels.

Tech Firms Unveils Internet Protocol Television Technology With Over 1,500 Channels
Tech Firms Unveils Internet Protocol Television Technology With Over 1,500 Channels

The entertainment technology includes Live TV programmes, Video on Demand (VOD), and interactive TV, which provide the users with innovative features to improve user experience compared to TV broadcast, radio satellite or cable TV.

At the introduction of LGC IPTV in Lagos recently, the Chief Executive Officer of LGC Medial Limited, Mr. Kola Esomojumi, told journalists that the launching of the entertainment device into the Nigeria market would bring fresh, superior, and alternative platform to the delivery and management of television content in Africa.

He disclosed that the interest generated across the world has been on the increase, adding that the company is poised to alter the way viewers on the African continent consume television content by making it affordable and easily accessible via “our custom-design android technology, the app, and the device.

“We are of the strong view that LGC IPTV commencement of operations in Nigeria will also boost the economic base, creates several direct and indirect jobs, enhance economic diversification and promote ancillary investment in the entertainment sector.”

Esomojumi stated further that IPTV, the acronym of Internet Protocol Television, is the method of transmitting and broadcasting television programme through the internet using the internet protocol (IP).

According to him, “It is secure and reliable delivery to subscribers of entertainment videos and related services which include live TV programme among others for viewers with over 1,500 channels both global and local stations.

“LGC IPTV Technology is a creation of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) from Nigerians in Diaspora through Leadership and Governance Canada Inc in partnership with FNIK Media Inc, which is in response to the clarion call by President Muhammadu Buhari on Nigerians in Diaspora to support the economic initiative of the Federal Government of Nigeria by mobilising FDI to the country.”

In his remarks, the Chief Executive Officer of HOI Greenfield Nigeria Limited, Emmanuel OjoAkhigbe-Agge, said the LGC IPTV android smart box, which was launched in Abuja recently is a product for every home and business space.

On how it works, he said: “It is weather-friendly, easy to install, no need for an external antenna with over 1,500 global and local channels. The subscription package to access all the stations is very affordable, and with access to the internet, you are connected to the world.

“We are exposing this product to the Nigeria market after a thorough study which started in 2016, with the aim of understanding why some previous products failed and how it could serve our homes, offices, youths, children, and public places better.”

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