Applications for “Investing in Innovation” (I3) $7 Million pan-African Initiative is Open!


Inspired by the progress and potential of African innovators in the medical supply chain sector of over 80 success stories across Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, and Ghana of tech-enabled solutions digitalizing medical commodities distribution to hospitals and underserved pharmacies among others with notable pioneers such as Lifestores, Maisha Meds, and Shelf life

Applications for the “Investing in Innovation” (I3) $7 Million pan-African Initiative is Open!
Applications for the “Investing in Innovation” (I3) $7 Million pan-African Initiative is Open! 

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, alongside Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD), the World Health Organisation Regional Office for Africa, AUDA-NEPAD and AmerisourceBergen, has launched a $7 million pan-African initiative to provide 60 promising early and growth-stage companies with risk-tolerant grants alongside commercialization support to power their impact at scale. 

Applications for the first cohort of 30 companies working in health product distribution across Africa are open now. 

Eligibility Criteria for Application

The Eligibility Criteria for Application include:

• Early-stage and Growth-stage tech-enabled businesses owned or operated by African nationals, and with a legal presence on the continent.

• Businesses focused on tech-enabled product distribution with validated proof of concept, recorded revenues, and demonstrable potential for growth.

• Demonstrable potential for social and societal impact.

How to APPLY for the “Investing in Innovation” (I3) $7 Million pan-African Initiative! 

To apply kindly follow the link. 

To know more about the program, follow the link.

For Questions and Enquires

Feel free to reach out to the team at [email protected] with all questions.


Application Closes

The application closes on Sunday, 14th August 2022 for innovators in West Africa.

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