We are set to Break 'USA 8 Years Record' of Longest Theatre Stage Performance - Team OYO


A team of 500 young people from Oyo State, Nigeria, has once again vowed to break the United States of America's Guinness World Record for the longest marathon theater performance by a team. 

Team OYO Guinness world record attempt for Nigeria
Team OYO Guinness world record attempt for Nigeria

The team made this known during an official press conference at the Theatre Art Department Hall, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, on Friday, adding that the record would have been broken by May 29.

According to Nathaniel Adedoyin, the director in charge of performances in breaking the Guinness World Record for the longest theater performance by a team: "This record is currently held by Team USA. They broke the record in 2014, which means that for about 8 years and still counting, they hold the record. 

"We are a team of 500 people attempting to break the record in order to restore the glory back to Africa where it originally belongs."

When we approached the state government that we were attempting to break the world record for the longest marathon theatre performance by a team, the governor of Oyo state, through the Ministry of Information, Culture, and Tourism, threw their weight behind us, and that was the reason we chose the brand name "Team Oyo Nigeria." 

It is on record that only Oyo State embraced us, and by May 29th, we would have restored the glory where it rightfully belongs, he noted".

The live performance, titled "One Million Fans," will take place at the Wole Soyinka Theatre Hall at the University of Ibadan, with 100 hours of theatrical performance spread across five days from May 25 to May 29, 2022.

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